EasyStand StrapStand, Minimum Support Package (EN-431975)

EasyStand StrapStand, Minimum Support Package

180.00 LBS
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The ability for a person who cannot stand on their own to receive the impact of gravity and weight bearing on their musculoskeletal system is vital to providing various body systems with the stimulus needed to function more efficiently and is associated with mood and emotional enhancement.

EasyStand StrapStand, Minimum Support Package standing table is designed for individuals’ size 5’0” to 6’5” and weigh up to 350 lbs. and is able to lift a person to a standing position from a bed, wheelchair, or other surface - no transfers are necessary. This package comes with:

  • Black upholstery and oxford gray frame
  • A black molded tray
  • Four-locking swivel casters, foot plates, and knee pad
  • A hydraulic actuator with handle
  • Swing out legs and adjustable lifting strap (select one)
    • Adjustable Lifting Strap 12"Wx29"L (standard)
    • Adjustable Lifting Strap 10"Wx26"L
    • Adjustable Lifting Strap 14"Wx32"L
    • Adjustable Sling Strap 9"Wx25"L
    • Adjustable Sling Strap 12"Wx28"L
    • Adjustable Sling Strap 14"Wx32"L

Dimensions: 34" x 76" x 28"

Weight: 175 lbs
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
Notice: Typically ships in 2 weeks.

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