The new Push Pull Force Gauge from Hoggan Scientific - ErgoFET 500

ErgoFET 500 Push/Pull Dynamometer Force Gauge from Hoggan

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Not all devices for measuring musculoskeletal strength are created equal. It’s important to find a tool that guarantees accuracy with ease of use. The Hoggan ErgoFET 500 Push Pull Force gauge is a superior manual muscle testing device that also complies with The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) standards for whole body and/or job specific strength testing regulations and functional capacity evaluations. There are many benefits that set the ErgoFET 500 apart from other muscle testing gauges.Hoggan ErgoFET 500 is a wireless, ergonomic, and easy to use push pull dynamometer or force gauge

The Benefits of the Hoggan ErgoFET 500 Push Pull Force Gauge

  • Easy to read LCD display which shows both real time and force peak results

  • Offers two test modes: untimed test mode to measure peak and average force, and timed mode to measure peak using a static strength test with 4 selectable threshold settings

  • Measurement can be displayed in lbs., newtons or kg.

  • Extremely accurate with the ability to measure force in two different ways:

    • Maximum force capacity tension of the device is 500 lbs measuring in .5 lb increments for increased accuracy

    • Maximum force capacity compression of the device is 200 lbs measuring in .2 lb increments

  • Each ErgoFET 500 comes complete with handles, attachments for push, pull and lifting tests along with a convenient carrying case.

More about the ErgoFET 500 from Hoggan Scientific

The Hoggan ErgoFET 500 is a wireless, ergonomic, simple to use muscle testing device which can measure both strength and performance. From job tasks to recording rehabilitation recovery progress, a push pull force gauge includes many innovative features.

The ErgoFET 500 includes:

  • Completely wireless, without the need for cables or cords

  • Complete Push attachments include: flat pad, curved pad, and digit pad

  • Complete Pull attachments include: open end stationary hook and standard carabineer, 16-inch strap with D rings, one hand handle, and 4" extension post

  • Carrying case and standard one-year warranty are included

  • Optional Data Collection Software (+$481.00)

    • Software gives practitioner the ability to record and store the date from any force tests performed. With the compatible software, the screen can show the average force, time, peak force and force/time curve in real time completion with the option to create force graphs in order to analyze testing data.

    • Data can be easily transmitted using the available interface box to any chosen device

In a study published in the Open Journal of Internal Medicine, a push pull force gauge was found to be superior in determining lower limb muscle force production. The study indicates that a push pull device is extremely accurate in evaluating healthy subjects age 18-35 years old.  Not only that, but a push pull gauge was used successfully to measure disease progression and track any changes in knee extension and flexion strength. 

Pushing and pulling are movements that are used daily in day-to-day activities, job tasks and recreational activities. The ability to analyze push pull strength is important for varied industries including:

  • Corporate and Industrial industries for screening job applicants Some of the job tasks analyzed are:

    • Pushing or pulling equipment like dollies or manual trucks

    • Pushing objects across surfaces like floors or tables

    • Operating specific manual tools and machine controls

    • Pulling open and pushing close various sized doors

    • Wrapping and boxing up products using shipping materials


  • Rehabilitation practitioners for identifying weaknesses after an injury and analyzing progress throughout a rehab program. For example, establishing muscle weakness after low back strain and monitoring progress following a core strengthening and pain management program.

  • Sports trainers and coaches for establishing baseline strength and tracking progress in order to make adjustments to training program as necessary.  For example, identifying knee flexor extension strength following knee strain in order to create an appropriate strengthening program.

Musculoskeletal muscle testing using a push/pull force gauge is used by a variety of testers in diverse settings.

These are the groups most likely to use the ErgoFET 500:

•Recruiters, interviewers and potential employers

•Rehabilitation specialists: physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors

•Sports trainers, Fitness coaches and personal trainers

There are three main categories where push/pull force gauges are used
  1. Evaluation: All screenings begin as an evaluation. Whether establishing a baseline of strength for completing a job task or identifying weakness compared to an accepted norm or benchmark value, evaluations are the first type of testing used with a push/pull force gauge.

  2. Comparative: This type of comparison testing either measure’s the testing subject’s strength for their dominant versus non-dominant side or can be used to compare a subject’s test results compared to established baselines for job task ability.

  3. Deficits: This third category is used in rehabilitation and sports training as a way to identify potential weaknesses as a result of an injury or muscular deficiency. These results are important for creating fitness and rehabilitation programs, tracking strength training progress and assess readiness to return to job tasks after injury.

The Push Pull Force Gauge Advantage

  • The ErgoFET 500 is affordable, easy to use and a reliable gauge for measuring compression and tension forces

  • Can be used for diverse needs: ergonomic studies, physical therapy/occupational medicine and work place design

  • Extremely durable design with rugged aluminum housing perfect for use in industrial settings.

  • The ErgoFET push/pull force gauge has a professional looking design making it great to use in rehabilitation or medical settings.

  • Includes several force measurement applications to identify peak force or a 3 second averaged force

  • Highly accurate results

  • Easy to use for both tester and testing subject

  • Results are easy to determine with a large, crystal LCD display

  • Standalone gauge or can be used in combination with data collection software.

Specifications for the ErgoFET 500
  • Dimensions: 6” L x 3” W x 13/8” H

  • Auto power shut-off to extend battery life

  • Calibration Certificate

  • Annual calibration included (Extended warranty available)

  • Compatible ErgoFET 500 Data Collection Software Package

    • The ErgoFET 500 can be used with innovative data collection software which records testing data and can simultaneously display a real-time graph of results. Not only that, but the data is saved in comma-separated values (CSV) format and can be used in most spreadsheet programs like Excel.


 Dimensions: 16" x 6" x 12"

Weight: 7 lbs

UPC: 714905050762


2 Year Warranty