Dual Connector Hose for Game Ready GRPro 2.1 Cold Compression Unit

Game Ready Accessory - 5' Dual Connector Hose

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 Game Ready Accessory - 5' Dual Connector Hose

The Game Ready 5' Dual Connector Hose is a vital accessory for any facility looking to improve treatment efficiency. The Hose allows treatment of 2 patients or 2 different parts of the body at one time. The Game Ready 5' Dual Connector Hose is simple to use with its one-button, quick-connect convenience, and it's comfortable for patients, with 5' of length that allows for easy positioning without fear of pulling or snagging the hose on something. The hose is easy to clean using water and mild soap, ensuring hygiene standards are met. The Game Ready 5' Dual Connector Hose is a great addition to any physical therapy clinic because it can double one machine's effectiveness in the same amount of time.

Game Ready Dual Connector Hose for the GRPro 2.1 Cold Compression Therapy Machine

Unique Features of the Product: 

  • Dual ends allow for dual treatments
  • One-button, quick-connect convenience
  • Comfortable for patients with 5' of length
  • Easy to clean using water and mild soap

 Product Specifications:

  • Length: 5' 

 What is Included with Purchase of Product:

  • The package includes one 5' Dual Connector Hose.

 Common Questions with Answers About the Product:

Q: Can I use the Dual Connector Hose with only one wrap? A: No, the Dual Connector Hose must be attached to two wraps.

Q: Can I control the cold and compression in each wrap individually? A: No, the Control Unit will provide the same level of cold and compression to both wraps.

 Q: How should I store the hose? A: The hose should be stored coiled and must not be left kinked or compressed.

NOTE:In the case where one patient is using two wraps on two different body parts at the same time, it is not uncommon that the patient feel one wrap is more compressed or colder than the other. Users should understand that the wraps are functioning properly, and this is just a result of the different sensitivities of different body parts to cold and compression.