GRPro 2.1 with Optional carry case(not included) for cold compression therapy

GRPro 2.1 Game Ready Active Cold Compression Unit

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GRPro 2.1 Game Ready Control Unit with AC Adapter and Connector Hose

Game Ready with active compression delivers cold therapy that works faster, penetrates deeper and lasts longer than other treatment modalities. The cold compression wraps incorporate an active temperature exchange unit that maintains cool temperature and a pneumatic compression. The system has a control unit and full range of ergonomic wraps for all body parts.

Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop technology combine active compression and cold therapies in a popular new treatment system for Physical Therapists and Sports Trainers alike. The GRPRO2.1 Cold Compression Unit gives users superior feedback and full control over the entire treatment process.  Easily monitor pressure and temperature and adjust with ease. Accessories such as a carry bag and rechargeable battery pack make the portable system even more convenient for providing treatment on the go.

Features of the Game Ready GRPro 2.1 Active Compression Unit

• Active pneumatic compression mimics natural muscle contractions, stimulating blood flow while simultaneously carrying edema away. 
• Air pressure conforms wrap to the body for better surface contact, allowing the system to pull heat away from the injury site more efficiently and enhancing the effects of cold therapy. 
• Faster, deeper, longer-lasting intramuscular cooling slows cellular metabolism, helping the body to minimize secondary tissue damage—and less damage means faster recovery.

Compression Unit Comes With...

• Recovery System 
• AC Adapter 
• 6 ft. Connector Hose

Available Accessories:

Benefits of Cold Compression Therapy with The GR Pro 2.1 

One of the biggest benefits of Game Ready Cold Compression Therapy is faster recovery. This is great news for athletes who can use the GRPro 2.1 cold and compression device for muscle recovery after training, which will help increase performance. Using cold compression therapy on fatigued and painful muscles will increase circulation and oxygen through the painful areas, and bring down swelling and edema quickly.

Further, cold compression therapy is an easy adjunct to other physical therapy treatment modalities. With the decrease in pain and edema from cold compression therapy, patients are able to participate in more active treatment options such as therapeutic exercise, strengthening, joint mobilizations, etc.  Additionally, the analgesic effect of cold compression therapy helps lower the need for oral pain medication.  Cold compression therapy provides many benefits that can be used across diverse patient populations, helping make recovery and rehabilitation time faster and pain-free as patients work to regain full function.