Game Ready Med4 Elite™ Control Unit:

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Game Ready Med4 Elite™ Control Unit:

Med4 Elite™ is a multi-modality, dual-user recovery system. It integrates iceless cold, controllable heat, rapid contrast, and active compression therapies with its easy to control touchscreen. Treatment modalities can be used individually or in combination to reduce pain without narcotic medications, improve range of motion, and accelerate the body’s natural  healing mechanisms. The cold setting goes down to 38 degrees Fahrenheit and creates its own deep-penetrating, longer-lasting cold to promote vasoconstriction as well as reduce blood flow, reduce inflammation and swelling, decrease muscle spasms, decrease metabolic demand, and safely relieve pain without narcotics following acute injury or surgery. The controllable heat goes up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit and promotes vasodilation and increase circulation to the injured area, supporting the lymphatic system and stimulating natural healing while reducing pain and stiffness. The system integrates cryotherapy, thermotherapy, rapid contrast therapy (RCT), and intermittent pneumatic compression therapy (IPC) in one device. RCT alternately opens and constricts the vascular system, increasing blood flow to an injured area without causing the accumulation of additional swelling. IPC mimics natural muscle contractions to “pump” swelling away from the injury area, encourages oxygenated blood flow, and helps conform the wraps to the body for better surface contact and more effective cold/heat/contrast therapy to help accelerate the healing process. Features four lockable wheels for optimal positioning.


The GR Pro 2.1 Cold Compression Unit and Wraps incorporate an active temperature exchange unit that maintains cool temperature and a pneumatic compression. The system has a control unit and full range of ergonomic wraps for all body parts.



Dimensions: 33" x 43" x 26"

Weight: 302.00 lbsThis item requires truck or oversize shipping        Call for Shipping Quote via LTL Truck

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