Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer - 200lb

Jamar Hydraulic Hand Grip Dynamometer - 200lb

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 Jamar Grip Strength Dynamometer 200lb Capacity

 The Jamar Hydraulic Handgrip Dynamometer is a tried and proven handgrip strength device that accurately and reliably measures maximal isometric handgrip strength as an important component of a clinical evaluation as an indicator of overall strength and general health, and as a predictor of accelerated decline and dependency in functional activities of daily living (ADL) in aging. The Jamar hand dynamometer was used to develop the original normative handgrip strength data, combining digital load sensor technology with high-quality hydraulics for accurate and reliable measurements over years of service.

Professions and Settings that use Handgrip Dynamometers

  1. Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Hand Therapists: To determine baseline strength measurements in the monitoring of progress overtime in patients receiving rehabilitation treatment for hand and elbow injury and dysfunction.
  2. Medical Clinics and Research: A quick and easy to administer protocol to assess muscle function across populations and in performing associated research.
  3. Geriatric Populations: Handgrip strength data can provide important information related to muscle wasting progression and frailty in older persons, relevant to the design of therapeutic interventions and use in monitoring of conditions.
  4. Workforce: As a screening tool to assess the capability and injury risk for specific job tasks involving frequent and strenuous handgrip work. It has also been used as a tool to determine compensation from work related injuries.
  5. Educational: The measurement of handgrip strength can be used to teach key kinesiological principles through demonstration toward strength in body part positioning and proper ergonomics.

Specifications and Unique Features of the Jamar Hydraulic Handgrip Dynamometer

  1. Uses hydraulics and digital load sensor technology to measure isometric handgrip strength in providing accurate and reliable grip work measurements up to 200 lbs or 90 kg force, depending on the desired criteria.
  2. An adjustable handle provides five grip positions ranging from 1.375” to 3.375” in half increments allowing for different size and shape of hands as well as grip positions. This also allows for the assessment of grip strength when gripping objects of different sizes.
  3. A peak hold needle retains the highest reading of multiple reps until reset.
  4. Provides automatic calibrations of average grip strength and standard deviations.
  5. A shock-resistant rubber cap protects the stainless-steel gauge against impact and a wrist strap protects against accidental drop and other unintentional abuses.
  6. Product is latex free.
  7. Made in the USA.

What is Included with Your Purchase?

  1. Jamar Hydraulic Handgrip Dynamometer with attached wrist strap.
  2. Carrying/storage case.
  3. One-year certificate of calibration
  4. Complete instructions for use.
  5. User Manual (Click HERE to download the Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer User Manual)


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