PhysioGait Dynamic Unweighting System

PhysioGait Dynamic Unweighting System

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The PhysioGait Dynamic Unweighting System is a revolutionary device used for rehabilitation of patients who on their own are unable to bear full weight or doing so would produce pain and/or risk for further injury or fall. Used by physical therapists and nurses, this device provides for gait training, balance and control training, motor coordination training, proper posture secure, etc. using sit-to-stand, over the ground, on a treadmill, and for fall prevention functions and training. The solution for a wide range of gait disorders and other functionality limitations. The PhysioGait Dynamic Unweighting System is the ultimate Partial Weight Bearing Device for any facility.

The adjustable amount of weight bearing capability not only provides for risk free therapy and training, but also adapts to the multiple specific needs of individual patients of all sizes and capabilities. Unique harnesses are designed for uni or bilateral support of the body as well as for a gradual level change from fully loaded to fully unloaded. This helps ensure for manual controlled treatment of lower limbs and pelvis for proper movement patterns. All these features provide a safe and supportive environment for gait training and rehabilitation, giving patients the peace of mind to fully engage in the rehabilitation strategies toward improvement and healing.

The PhysioGait is both CE safety certified and 510K registered with the FDA as a class one medical device.

Unique Feature of the PhysioGait Dynamic Unweighting System

  • Flex – Yoke engineering for dynamic and easy knob adjustment of the rigidness of the unweighting support. Further, it has a 28” yoke adjustment actuator to provide sit-to-stand capability
  • 360 degrees SmartYoke allows the device to rotate and lock in any position
  • A rugged and water-resistant harness is uniquely designed to provide for unilateral and bilateral support of the body
  • Easy and dynamic adjustment capability for a gradual level change from fully loaded to fully unloaded
  • The harness is not only durable, but made from material that is wipeable and breathable for patient comfort and cleanliness
  • Offers the versatility to adjust the width of the base (from 30” to 38”) to select the ideal width base for a facility or at home – hallways, through doors, over a treadmill, etc.
  • A wireless gait scale display can be magnetically mounted to the device frame for easy to see assessment (total unweighting, left and right gait, differential gait)
  • A large frame can fit over most treadmills
  • Horizontal and vertical handle capability with a variety of handgrips
  • Long-lasting battery with a wall-mounted charger
  • A magnetic stool for convenient use by the therapist or nurse
  • Optional Pediatric harnesses
  • Weight capacity: 360 lbs (163 kg)
  • Max overall height: 7’9”, Min overall height: 5’5”, Max patient height: 7’2”, Max patient height on a 6” treadmill: 6’8”
  • Warranty:
    • Frame – 3 years
    • Actuator – 3 years
    • Harness – 1 year
    • Electronic parts – 3 years
    • Battery – 3 months


Product Brochure (includes warranty information)

PhysioGait Dynamic Unweighting System How To Video

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