Whitehall Bath Stretcher Lift (PHS-10)

Whitehall Bath Stretcher Lift (PHS-10)

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Whitehall Bath Stretcher Lift (PHS-10) for Sale

The Whitehall Bath Stretcher Lift is a uniquely designed and versatile patient handling system that comfortably and safely provides for the transport, maneuverability, and positioning of patients and residents in and out of bathtubs and whirlpools in both acute and long-term care facilities.

Specifications of the Whitehall Bath Stretcher Lift

  • Overall Front to Back: 31.875”
  • Overall Width: 76.375”
  • Overall Height: 68”
  • Recommended for use with these Whitehall Whirlpool Tanks
    • L-75-M, L-90-M, L-105-M, L-105-SL, H-105-M
    • S-90-M, S-90-SL, S-110-M, S-110-SL

Features of the Whitehall Bath Stretcher Lift

  • Designed to easily convert into different configurations to accommodate a wide variety of patient needs in getting in and out of bathtubs and whirlpools
  • Accommodates patients in the standing, seated, or recumbent positions
  • Seating and stretcher surfaces are made of a soft and durable material that is water resistant, comfortable, and easy to clean
  • Removeable side parts provide an efficient configuration from chair to stretcher
  • A low chassis is designed for easy access under beds and baths
  • The leg configuration is designed for easy individual approach onto the chair and stretcher
  • A safety arm support in both the chair and stretcher configurations can be folded asway for easy access and moved back once the patient or resident is in position
  • High-capacity rechargeable batteries and an audible low battery tone notification
  • A magnetic battery charger connections s designed to prevent damage in case the connection becomes unplugged
  • Lift system can be used together with almost all supine bathtubs and therapy tanks
  • Foot activated emergency stop
  • Large castors for ease in maneuverability and locking feature

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