Portable Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter, Case of 25

Portable Fingertip Pulse Oximeters, Case of 25

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Fabrication Enterprises Portable Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (case of 25)

As one of our bestselling fingertip pulse oximeters, this case of 25 cases allows purchasing a discounted rate helping to save precious resources for your organization. Made in America and used by medical personnel and other healthcare specialists this fingertip pulse oximeter is used in a variety of settings to measure the amount of oxygen a patient’s blood is carrying as a percentage of the maximum amount it can carry. This provides vital information for any condition that affects blood oxygen levels.

This unit is a staple for use in hospitals, skilled nursing homes, medical clinics, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and chiropractic clinics, home health care services, dental offices, and emergency services.  It is a quick, non-invasive, accurate, and comfortable assessment of blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate important in the evaluation of:

  • Effectiveness of a patient’s new lung medication
  • Ability to tolerate increased exercise as in physical therapy exercises
  • Monitoring oxygen levels during and after a surgical procedure that required sedation
  • Determining how helpful a ventilator treatment has been
  • Determining the effectiveness of supplemental oxygen

Each individual fingertip pulse oximeter comes with:

  • Portable fingertip pulse oximeter
  • Illustrated instruction guide
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Lanyard