Maverick Heavy-Duty Aerosol Compressor by Roscoe Medical

Roscoe Medical Maverick Heavy-Duty Aerosol Compressor

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Roscoe Medical Maverick Heavy-Duty Aerosol Compressor

Roscoe Medical designed the Maverick Heavy-Duty Aerosol Compressor for efficient and continuous high pressure performance. The Maverick Aerosol Compressor features a powerful piston compressor that can deliver up to 50 psi at maximum pressure. Designed to dispense all types of medication quickly and effectively. The technologly behing the WOBL piston allows the Maverick to operate very quietly. Customers love its easy-to-clean housing along with its portable design. The Maverick Aerosol Compressor requires very little maintenance due to a durable design. For use with hand-held nebulizer systems, heated nebulizers, dual action humidifiers, deluxe nebulizers with oxygen diluter, high output pneumatic nebulizers and mist tents from pediatric to adult use.

Features of the Maverick Heavy Duty Aerosol Compressor 

  • Powerful piston pump is efficient, dependable and quiet
  • Durable and easy-to-clean with a portable design for easy transport
  • Produces a particle size of less than 2 microns
  •  For use with: hand-held nebulizer systems; heated nebulizers, dual action humidifier/nebulizer, pediatric to adult mist tent; high output pneumatic nebulizers; and deluxe nebulizer with oxygen diluter
  • Outlet fitting included
  • Five year warranty
  • HCPCS Code: E0565*