The Bob Calf Master Stretching Device

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Treatment Uses::
  • Stretching of tight calf muscles
  • Proprioceptive training of ankle muscles
  • Stretching of plantar fascia
  • Improve ankle range of motion
  • Build strong calf and ankle support muscles
Indications for Use::
  • Rehabilitation of sprained ankles
  • Treatment of plantar fasciitis
  • Prevention of shin splints
  • Improvement of athletic performance
  • Strengthen muscles that support the arch


In good health and fitness, the muscles of the human body should be strong, of good flexibility, and properly balanced in strength and flexibility between agonist to antagonistic muscle groups. When this is the case, athletes can achieve their optimal athletic performance and do so with a reduced risk for injury.

Strong and Well-Defined Calf Muscles

The BOB Calf Master is a unique piece of exercise equipment that is designed to target the calf muscles. It is a compact, durable, and portable device that provides a highly effective workout to strengthen, build, and tone the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) as well as providing a very stretch mechanism for good flexibility. Here are some key features and what you need to know about the BOB Calf Master:


The Bob Incredible Calf Master is a simple effective tool for improving calf felibility. Helps plantar fasciitis, achilles injuries, and other ankle flexibility related issues.Design: The BOB Calf Master exercise device is a scalene shaped triangle (6 ¼” x 5” x 3”) with three unequal angles and three unequal surface sizes. The rounded angle between the two shortest surfaces provides a pivot point that enables the user, when standing on the platform surface, to move up and down through a full range of motion – dorsiflexion to plantar flexion using their own body weight as resistance. Being able to move the ankle through a full range of motion strengthens the calf muscles throughout the range while producing good flexibility. And, because of the role of the calf muscles in push-off, the BOB is an excellent tool for maximizing your workout.


Versatility: One of the truly unique benefits of the BOB is its versatility. These include:

  • As previously explained, it is used to strengthen and define the calf muscles.

  • It provides a highly effective strategy to stretch the calf muscles and the dorsiflexion muscle group by taking the ankle through a full range of motion during the exercise.

  • Its scalene triangular shape provides for a rounded pivot point to effectively challenge proprioceptive sensitivity of the muscles that cross the ankle joint for balance training and rehabilitative efforts.

  • The unique characteristics make the BOB an effective therapeutic device in the treatment of sprained ankles, Achilles tendon pathologies, and plantar fasciitis.

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Step By Step Guide to How to Use the BOB Calf Master:


Flexible Calf Muscles
In recovery and athletic performance, tight muscles can lead to limitations in range of motion and decreased functional movement. The muscles of the legs and calves are some of the strongest in the body and the most prone to muscle tension. However, for most people, stretching is given cursory attention, if at all, and yet, stretching the legs and calves can help enhance athletic performance and improve recovery. The BOB Calf master stretch system is an easy to use stretching device to help enhance a calf stretch, either as part of a rehabilitation regimen or sports training. What sets the BOB Calf Master apart from manual stretching is it helps keep the toes straight, not bent, which will help improve the effectiveness of the stretch. The Bob Calf stretch system is safe to use, because it reduces stress on the knee while performing the stretch and since it uses your own body weight, it’s simple to make adjustments when needed.

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The Bob Calf Master Stretch System At-A-Glance

  • The Bob System was designed for giving assistance in stretching and strengthening the leg and calf muscles. 

  • The Bob Stretch system stretches: the Achilles tendon, the tibia and gastrocnemius muscles

  • Using the Bob as part of a stretching routine increases flexibility, performance, and range of motion. 

  • The Bob Calf Master is easy to use and utilizes your own body weight to stretch the calves.

Stretching is an important element in fitness and rehabilitation. The Bob Calf Stretch System is an innovative tool that will help simultaneously develop balance, flexibility, strength, and improve vertical jump. The Bob stretch system was designed to get the perfect degree of angle necessary to effectively stretch the calve and leg muscles without undue stress on the knee joint.  Simple to use, the Bob Calf Stretch system will stretch the Achilles, tibialis and gastrocnemius muscles easily, even for people lack flexibility, suffer from muscle tightness or strain.

From walking to running, our leg muscles are used in most daily activities. Isokinetic exercise in the form of stretching and strengthening can help enhance the muscles of the leg to help reduce the risk of injury and improve overall fitness The Bob calf system works by producing a muscular contraction against a constant resistance. This works both anteriorly and posteriorly helping to stretch the tibialis, Achilles and gastrocnemius to their full range of motion in both directions. Not only does this increase flexibility, but also will enhance speed, balance and quickness which can help improve outcomes for patients recovering from injury and athletes looking to improve athletic performance. Using a stretching tool like the BOB Calf Master System assists in the reduction in the risk of injuries like plantar fasciitis or shin splints.

The Benefits of the Bob Calf Master Stretch System

  • Helps stretch the major muscles of the legs and calves in just a few minutes a day

  • Helps recovery from Plantar Fasciitis

  • Helps with shin splints

  • Can be used by any fitness level

  • Helps enhance strengthening programs and will build the calf and leg muscles

  • Improves vertical jump

  • Helps improve range of motion after injury


The BOB Calf Master is your tool to stronger, more flexible, and performance enhancing calf muscles. Get started now and enjoy the benefits.