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Travel Gym Portable Gym System for Office and Home Use.

In today’s busy world with so many demands on our time we sometimes neglect to prioritize ourselves, and an important part of that is taking care of our physical bodies. However, some people get creative and work to maximize the use of their time and accomplish more regardless of their circumstances and constraints. 

It is a well-established fact that sitting in a typical work environment for long periods of time is associated with an increase in risk for multiple adverse health conditions including heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and other diseases associated with hypokinetics or insufficient inactivity. Further, more and more research is establishing the fact that resistance training can be as effective in reducing the risk of these chronic diseases, but also provides a greater stimulus to the musculoskeletal system. This stimulus helps build muscle mass, maintain metabolic rate, improve body composition, and keep the joints of the body healthy and functioning properly. 

The Travel Gym Portable Gym System is a new and revolutionary patent-pending resistance tubing device/system that allows literally anyone to get a full-body workout nearly anywhere - while at work, at home, outdoor recreating, and even while traveling. Its design is rugged and durable, made of highest quality natural latex tubing, heavy-duty stainless-steel carabiners, and strong nylon material with padded handle, ankle, and anchor straps that have Velcro securement. Its unique design ensures rapid attachment that is secure and comfortable for a quick start to your workout and easy removal when your workout is completed. 

The Travel Gym Portable Gym System comes with 5 resistance levels of tubing (color coordinated to resistance level) so you can exercise small muscle groups to larger muscle groups and increase the resistance as your strength improves, allowing to continually provide a progressive overload stimulus to your muscles. 



What Comes With Your Travel Gym Portable Gym System?

  • Nylon carry bag (contains the entire product)
  • 5 varying resistance tubes for lower body exercises
  • 5 varying resistance tubes for upper body exercises
  • Padded handle, padded ankle strap, padded anchor strap, and a storage strap
  • Exercise poster (illustrations of various exercises you can perform with the Travel Gym)
  • Digital exercise poster

Some Examples of Exercises You Can Perform using the Travel Gym Portable Gym System