Whitehall E-15-M Mobile 15 Gallon Extremity (Arm/Leg) Whirlpool

Whitehall E-15-M Mobile 15 Gallon Extremity (Arm/Leg) Whirlpool

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Whitehall E-15-M Mobile 15 Gallon Extremity (Arm/Leg) Whirlpool

Whitehall designed this whirlpool for use on a patient's arm or leg. The Whitehall E-15-M is a compact whirlpool that has a 15-gallon capacity. The compact design allows this whirlpool to be conveniently placed in a clinic without taking up space and consuming large amounts of water that are required with larger whirlpool systems. If your patient treatment programs involve working with the arm and leg extremities, this is the whirlpool system you need.

Whitehall's Extremity line of whirlpools delivers the most versatile, economical, and ecological hydrotherapy setup possible. Like other versions of the E-series whirlpools, this mobile whirlpool provides comfortable and effective treatment of precise areas of the body, such as the foot, ankle and lower leg as well as upper extremities like the elbow, forearm and hand.

Specifications of the Whitehall E-15-M Extremity Whirlpool include:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Appropriate for: Podiatry , Hand Therapy , Athletic Trainer , Physical Therapy , Occupational Therapy , Chiropractic , Long Term Care
  • Capacity in Liquid Volume: 15 gallons
  • Body Treatment Location(s): arm elbow & leg calf
  • Internal Length: 25"
  • Internal Width: 13"
  • Internal Depth: 15"
  • Certification(s): MET , CE

The E-15-M Whirlpool was formerly sold under legacy model: JO-140.

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