Whitehall Podiatry 22 Gallon Stationary Whirlpool (P-22-S)

Whitehall Podiatry 22 Gallon Stationary Whirlpool (P-22-S)

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Whitehall Podiatry 22 Gallon Stationary Whirlpool (P-22-S)

The Whitehall Podiatry 22 Gallon Stationary Whirlpool is specifically designed for treatment and rehabilitation of foot, ankle, and lower leg injuries and conditions such as sprained ankles, plantar fasciitis, post-op recovery, etc. Whether hot water therapy to increase blood flow to promote healing or cold water therapy for blood vessel constriction and pain relief, the mechanical forces of the turbine provides a therapeutic massaging effect to the involved tissues.

Specifications of the Whitehall Podiatry 22 Gallon Stationary Whirlpool 

  • Tank Length: 28”
  • Tank Width: 15”
  • Tank Depth: 18”
  • Tank Height: 24”
  • Tank Capacity: 22 gallons

Features of the Whitehall Podiatry 22 Gallon Stationary Whirlpool

  • Seamless welded construction fabricated from heavy gauge, type 304 stainless steel, polished to a satin finish

  • Tank rim is reinforced with a concealed stainless-steel rod for extra strength

  • Tank bottom is seamless, coved (rounded) design for effective cleaning to minimize bacterial buildup

  • Includes an extended stainless steel skirt flush to the floor line to conceal internal drain piping

Turbine Features

  • Spring loaded raising and lowering adjustment ability and locking device for height and water agitation direction permits focused targeting of the intended body area to be treated

  • Equipped with Underwriters Laboratory listed ½ HP jet pump motor that functions both as an agitator and emptying device

  • Motor is protected by an ABS plastic shell, has an automatic thermal overload protector, and lifetime sealed bearings

  • All parts contacting water are stainless steel, chrome plated brass or bronze

Thermometer: Provided with a dual scale, adjustable calibration, and a stem inserted into a retainer to prevent rattle during whirlpool agitation.

Tank Finish: Stainless Steel. Additional fee for options:

  • Black Color Environ-Glaze (EGO7)
  • White Color Environ-Glaze (EG10)

Drain: Standard Drain.

  • Additional fee for Separate Drain (SDP) – bottom drain leading to a separate, concealed water evacuation pump. A hose is attached to the side of the unit to facilitate the evacuation.

Plug: Standard Plug.

  • Additional fee for Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI)

Turbine Voltage: 110V

  • (220V cord type – European, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Israel)

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