Whitehall Stainless Steel Hi-Boy 90 Gallon Stationary Whirlpool (WH-H-90-S)

Whitehall Stainless Steel Hi-Boy 90 Gallon Stationary Whirlpool

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 Whitehall Stainless Steel Hi-Boy Stationary Whirlpool 90 Gallon

The H-90-S stationary whirlpools are recommended for shallow or deep body immersion offering complete coverage of the extremities as well as the entire back and shoulder area with greater patient comfort. When coupled with seat, other extremities can be soaked. 

Designed for permanent installation with direct plumbing connections to the water supply and drain.

Whirlpools have a single 1/2 horsepower motor to drive the agitation, spot spray and emptying operations. Dial varies the degree of agitation by controlling the amount of air introduced into the water. The agitator (turbine assembly) can be raised and lowered on its shaft to change the directional flow. Can be removed from the shaft if service is needed. Tanks are fabricated from 18 gauge stainless steel, with a reinforced rim and a seamless coven bottom to minimize bacteria buildup. Comes with thermometer. Also can be customized with a white or black glaze. 


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