Winner Evo Combination Therapy CM4 With Hammer Applicator

Winner Evo Combination Therapy CM4 With Hammer Applicator

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The Winner Evo Combination Therapy therapeutic ultrasound and 4 channel electro stimulation with Hammer system provides the availability to treat patients with electrotherapy stimulation and therapeutic ultrasound in a single medical device.

This advanced technology and ergonomically designed ultrasound and stimulation modality offers a wide range of treatment options, including combining the two modalities for effective pain reduction, blood flow increase and venous pump facilitating, range of motion enhancement, tissue healing properties, and motor unit recruitment for muscle re-education post injury or surgery more convenient.

The Winner unit comes with a stylish looking and easy to read control panel with each waveform therapy and parameter clearly labeled. LED lights illuminate indicating the availability and/or selection of particular parameters.

Ultrasound Modality

  • 1 MHz and 3 MHz – with industry leading Beam Nonuniformity Ratio (BNR)
  • Continuous and pulsed ultrasound modes
  • 5cm, 2/5cm Therapy Hammer, 10cm, or AutoSound Therapeutic Ultrasound Applicators available

Electrotherapy Stimulation

  • 4 channel stimulation with these waveforms:
    • Premodulated
    • Interferential
    • Russian
    • High Volt
    • Microcurrent
    • Different protocols for commonly used physical therapy treatments

Standard Accessories:

  • Lead Cord Set 6 ft - ST4 2x, ST2 1x (A1717A)
  • US Hospital Grade Power Cord 8 ft (203-016)
  • Microblock Electrodes, 2x2”, 4/pk - 2pks with CX4 (400-877-MIC)
  • Microblock Electrodes, 2x3.5”, 4/pk - 2pks with CX4 (400-879-MIC)
  • Microblock Electrodes, 3x5”, 2/pk (400-852-MIC)

Optional Accessories

  • Therapy Cart with Conversion Plate (DQCART-EVO)

Technical Specifications

  • Power – 115/230 VAC at 60/50 Hz
  • Power Consumption 110 Watts

Warranty: Three-year warranty

Operation Manual: Click HERE.

Quick-Start Guide: Click HERE.



  • 410-010-HMR – Winner Evo CM2 Unit w/Hammer Applicator
  • 410-012-HMR – Winner Evo CM4 Unit w/Hammer Applicator
  • 410-012-PK – Winner Evo CM4 Unit w/Hammer Applicator & Cart


Dimensions:  31.75 x 40.64 x 24.13 cm (12 ½” x 16” x 9 ½”)


  • CM4 Models: 13 lbs
  • CM2 Models: 12 lbs
  • CM4P Models: 26 lbs

CM2P Models: 25 lbs