Richmar TheraTouch Combination Therapy (CX2)

Richmar TheraTouch Combination Therapy (CX2)

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This ergonomically designed and technological advanced ultrasound and 2 channel electrotherapy combination system offers a wide range of treatment options, including combining the two modalities for effective pain reduction, blood flow increase and venous pump facilitating, range of motion enhancement, tissue healing properties, and motor unit recruitment for muscle re-education post injury or surgery more convenient.

The CX2 is the more compact device delivering two channels for stimulation. This device come with full color, menu driven touch screens and a bilingual interface (English and Spanish) to guide you step by step when setting up a treatment manually, or when selecting from predefined clinical protocols. This instruction includes an anatomical library with electrode placement recommendations to ensure efficiency in set up efficacy in treatment.

Ultrasound Modality

  • 1 MHz and 3 MHz – for deeper sound wave absorption and tissue heating, and more superficial sound wave absorption and tissue heating
  • Continuous and pulsed operating modes
  • An ergonomically designed applicator with 5cm sound head and a beam nonuniformity ratio (BNR) of 5:1 for a more uniform application

Electrotherapy Stimulation

  • 2 channels of stimulation with these waveforms:Premodulated
    • Biphasic (symmetrical, asymmetrical, *RAAS)
      • *Rapid Agonist Antagonist Sequencing (RAAS) – a unique stimulation waveform that replicates the typical firing pattern of normal muscle contractions to more effectively re-educate weak and inhibited muscles as a result of injury, or post-surgery
  • Interferential
  • NMS
  • Russian
  • High Volt
  • Microcurrent
  • TENS
  • Eight (8) preset clinical protocols for stimulation, with ability to customize parameters and save up to 99 user-defined protocols for future reference and use


  • Lead wires, 110”, 2/pk (WQ8112)
  • Combination Lead Wire (WQ8112-SNGL)
  • 5 cm Applicator Sound Head (DQ8000W5)
  • Patient Safety Switch (DQWITCH)
  • Microblock Electrodes, 2x2”, 4/pk - 1 pk with CX2 (400-877-MIC)
  • Microblock Electrodes, 2x3.5”, 4/pk - 1 pk with CX2 (400-879-MIC)
  • Microblock Electrodes, 3x5”, 2/pk (400-852-MIC)
  • Therasonic 8 oz Ultrasound Gel (LS5288)
  • Medical Grade Power Cord (DQ8000X)

Optional Accessories

  • Richmar Therapy Storage Cart (DQCART-2) Note: DQ8001 if ordering with CX4 on same order
  • 1cm Applicator Sound Head (DQ8002W1)

Warranty: Three-year Combo system warranty

Operation Manual: Click HERE



  • DQ8200TheraTouch CX4
  • DQ8001TheraTouch CX4 with cart
  • DQ8222 – TheraTouch CX2
  • DQ8202 – TheraTouch CX2 with cart