TheraTouch 1cm Applicator Sound Head

TheraTouch 1cm Applicator Sound Head

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1cm Applicator Sound Head (applicator only)

This 1cm Applicator Sound Head is for use only with the TheraTouch CX2 and CX4 clinical combination therapy machines. 

Unique Features of the 1 cm Applicator Sound Head

  • Capable of applying both 1 MHz and 3 MHz ultrasound frequency
  • Provides excellent beam characteristics
  • Provides a unique ergonomic design to for comfort, more effective delivery of the sound waves, and for reduced risk for musculoskeletal irritation from repetitive use
  • Allows for more precise application to smaller treatment areas 


  • Applicator: Assembly component that connects to the system and incorporates the sound head
  • Applicator LED: The indicator light on the posterior aspect of the applicator head that signals if the sound head is working on the area
  • Sound Head: The distal component of the applicator through which the ultrasound waves are generated and comes in contact with the patient's skin during the treatment period