TheraTouch LX2 Laser Light Unit with Cluster Applicator

TheraTouch LX2 Laser Light Unit with Cluster Applicator

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TheraTouch LX2 Laser Light Unit with Cluster Applicator

This unique TheraTouch laser therapy device is helpful in decreasing inflammation and edema, reducing pain, and stimulating tissue regeneration and remodeling in the healing process. This therapeutic modality is used to treat:

  • A wide variety of musculoskeletal pathologies including sprains, strains, tendinopathies, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis, TMJ syndrome, etc.
  • Various neurological conditions including diabetic neuropathy, disc radiculopathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.

Unique Features of the TheraTouch LX2 Laser Therapytheratoouch-lx2-prohealthcareproducts.png

  • Ten (10) evidence based selectable clinical protocols for effective treatment of identified pathology or the ability to adjust treatment parameters for a customization by laser therapy specialist (Save up to 100 user-defined protocols)
  • Full-color touchscreen with menu-driven interface to facilitate easy learning the use of the device and in applying the appropriate treatment
  • Dosage calculator displays the Joules, J/cm2, and J/diode with real time calculation to update each when adjusting treatment output
  • Delivers up to 35 j/cm2 of LLLT in a single treatment
  • 2 output channels

Standard Accessories:

  • 9 diode cluster applicator (DQLLLT-CA)
    • Four 650 nm wavelength LED diodes at 10 milliwatts each
    • Five 850 nm wavelength infrared laser diodes at 200 milliwatts each
    • Total power of 1040 milliwatts

Optional Accessories

  • Single diode applicator (DQLLLT-SA)
    • 650 nm wavelength infrared laser diode at 200 milliwatts of power
    • Therapy Cart (DQCART-2)

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Programmable Treatment Time: 4 minutes
  • Mode: continuous or pulsed (90%)
  • Emission Frequency: 1Hz-10000Hz
  • Lase Classification: Class IIIb

Learn More HERE:

TheraTouch LX2 Class IIIb Laser Therapy from Richmar on Vimeo.

Tissue Healing Flyer: Click HERE.

Operation Manual:Click HERE.


  • DQLLLT – TheraTouch LX2


Notice:Typically ships in 1 week.