Baseline® MMT - Electronic - Includes 3 Push, 2 Pull Attachments - 500 lb Capacity

Baseline MMT 500 lb Capacity Load Cell Manual Muscle Tester

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 Baseline MMT 500 lb Capacity Load Cell Manual Muscle Tester

Baseline Load Cell Manual Muscle Testers For Sale

The multi-functional Baseline electronic push-pull dynamometer was designed to be used for muscle strength measurement as well as job task analysis and/or functional capacity evaluation (FCE). With this model, this electronic MMT dynamometer uses innovative “load cell” technology. The Baseline® electronic push-pull dynamometer uses this state-of-the-art technology because it assures the highest rate for accuracy, reliability, and repeatability of results.

Load Cell Dynamometer Comes With MMT Accessories

Each load-cell dynamometer comes standard with:

  • three push pads (padded curved, padded straight, and circular),
  • 1 pull hook and
  • 1 snap-lock hook.

We also carry Baseline Hydraulic Electronic Push-Pull Dynamometers in:

This electronic dynamometer can be used alone to perform manual muscle testing and can also be used in combination with a lift platform to perform muscle strength and functional capacity tests.

Each push-pull MMT device is designed to be compatible with the Baseline® single and dual grip handles (sold separately). Each dynamometer also comes standard in a cushioned carrying case for easy transport and storage along with a muscle test manual. 1-year warranty. CE certified.

 Best Features of Baseline Load-Cell Muscle Testers
  • Can be used for strength & manual muscle testing
  • Can be used to measure push/pull force
  • Perfect for job task evaluation for potential employees or assessment
  • Multiple attachments for versatile muscle testing protocols
  • Cushioned Carrying Case to protect device while stored
  • Can be used to test the following areas:
    • Elbow,
    • Forearm,
    • Wrist,
    • Shoulder,
    • Hip,
    • Ankle,
    • Knee,
    • Neck & Lumbar
  • Adjustable Weight Metrics: Results displayed in pounds, kilograms or Newtons
  • Compatible with additional attachments, such as:
    • Optional lift platform (Back, Leg & Chest Measurements)
    • Optional single/dual handles (FCE and Job Analysis applications)
    • Optional pull cuffs (Ankle, Thigh, Wrist, Shoulder, Head, Foot)

Baseline Load Cell MMT FAQs

Q: What is Load Cell technology?

A: A load cell is a type of transducer, in this case, a force transducer. A load-cell can actually convert certain forces such as tension into an electrical signal that can be measured and graded. As the force is applied, with a device like a dynamometer, the load cell increases and the electrical signal changes proportionally.

Q: What is the use of a load cell?

A: Load cell technology is used in some process weighing applications such as force measurements in weighing. Generally, load cells are force measurement device dynamometers in order to perform either strength testing or functional capacity testing.


Q: How does a load cell measure force?

A: Load cells are able to convert the load acting on them into electrical signals. The gauges themselves are bonded onto a beam or structural member of the device that changes when force is applied. The resultant force is then displayed on in pounds, kilograms or Newtons.