HCI PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill

HCI PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill

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The HCI PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill is built with high quality materials for sturdy, long term wear and durable performance. This machine is powered by a 4 HP Hi-Torque DC Servo motor that can provide for a forward speed of up to 12 mph and a backwards speed up to 3 mph, adjustable from a true zero start by .10 mph increments. The capability for a reverse belt mode with 15% elevation allows users to engage in downhill negative walking to challenge the involved muscles with eccentric contractions. A large walking belt of 21” x 63” offers plenty of walking/jogging/running room for use in a variety of settings and patient capabilities.

The Benefits of Exercising on a Treadmill

Regular cardio training on a treadmill is strongly associated with a reduction in the risk of major chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and hormonal based cancers. The natural act of walking or jogging is also beneficial to the musculoskeletal system providing activation of the piezoelectric effect mechanism of Wolff’s Law to produce stronger bones and connective tissues. Regular training will also increase your muscle strength and stamina. Treadmills are considered safe, offer privacy and convenience, and are reported as the most enjoyable cardio exercise for most individuals. Great for Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Bariatrics,

Specifications and Features of the HCI PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill

  • True zero starting speed that can adjust up to 12 mph forward speed and up to 3 mph reverse speed at .1mph increments. The treadmill can elevate up to 15% for downhill negative walking.
  • A large 21” x 63” walking belt for plenty of room for walking/jogging/running/
  • Short handrails and dual emergency stop buttons for safety and security.
  • Handheld remote for start/stop/pause functions and contact heart rate monitor.
  • A Display Console for easy operation and display of Start/Stop, Reverse, Grade, Speed, Time, Pulse, Distance, Calories, and METS.
  • Weight capacity of up to 500 pounds.
  • Click HERE to read the User Manual. 

Treadmills are key exercise devices used in gyms, clinics, homes, research facilities, and athletic training rooms to facilitate the development of fitness, recovery from injury, and overall general well-being.

Dimensions: 81" x 54" x 30.5"
Weight: 345.0 lbs
UPC: 040232216039

Typically ships in 1 week.