SciFit Elliptical Total Body with Tele-Rail and Bio-Flex

SciFit Elliptical Total Body with Tele-Rail and Bio-Flex

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The upper body and lower body workout provided by the SciFit elliptical is a great stimulus for the cardiorespiratory system and is engineered to provide a natural body movement that creates a more anatomically correct walking cadence and motion. This SciFit elliptical with its tele-rail and bio-flex technology provides a comfortable and familiar motion that also reduces the stress placed on the body’s lower extremity joints. Cardiorespiratory fitness and significant caloric burn quality make the rhythmical motion of elliptical a desirable exercise machine for many seeking to enhance their cardiorespiratory fitness.

The SciFit Total Body Elliptical has these unique features:

  • Generates its own power and recharges the battery backup
  • Orthopedic Bio-Flex footbeds improve circulation
  • The unique Bio-Flex footbed design reduces pressure points to eliminate foot numbness and hot spots
  • Unique pedal movement stimulates enhanced stabilizing muscle recruitment
  • Torso rotation and core muscle recruitment is optimized for a solid core stabilization workout

Dimensions: 60" x 63" x 30"
Weight: 355 lbs
UPC: 854794007338
Typically ships in 1 week.