Sys Stim 228 features Four Discrete Waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, Medium Frequency (Russian) and Biphasic

Sys Stim 228 2-Channel Neuromuscular Stimulator from Mettler

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Mettler Sys Stim 228 Neuromuscular Stimulator Features:  Easy to carry with built-in handles, 4 electrical stimulation waveforms, Easy to navigate user interface with bright color LED display 2 independent timers.

Increase your clinic’s versatility with Mettler’s new Sys Stim 228 neuromuscular stimulator featuring four distinct waveforms. With diverse waveforms and additional versatility is provided by a selection of treatment modes (Surge, Reciprocation, Surge with Reciprocation and Vector Rotation), the Sys Stim 228 provides the flexibility to meet virtually any clinical need across diverse patient populations.


Prescription required! You can buy this product only if you have a doctor's prescription or if you are a professional.


The Sys Stim 228 has the following therapeutic waveforms:

  1. Interferential: Interferential is perfect for treating chronic, post-surgical and post-trauma acute pain.

  2. Pre-modulation: This waveform is similar to interferential waveform, but is a great choice when treating smaller areas of the body like: elbows, ankles, feet, or hands.

  3. Medium Frequency (Russian Stim): This waveform is primarily used for pain relief as well as improving muscle strength and re-education.

  4. Biphasic: This versatile waveform is great for acute and chronic pain while also giving improvement in swelling reduction while improving muscle strength and re-education.


With adjustable phase duration and frequency, the Sys Stem 228 offers customizable treatment options to meet each patient’s individual needs.

The Benefits of the Mettler Sys Stim 228

  • The Sys Stim 228 was designed with a two-timer mode making it possible to run two separate treatment protocols or two separate patients may be treated simultaneously.

  • Neuromuscular stimulation offers many therapeutic benefits for patients including: pain management, muscle re-education, reducing swelling, inflammation, and muscle spasms.

  • The Sys Stim 228 is compatible and can be connected to the Mettler Sonicator 740 ultrasound therapy device, to make an economical and effective e-stim/therapeutic ultrasound combination machine.

  • The Sys Stim 228 was designed to be lightweight and portable to make it appropriate for both clinic and in-home treatments.

  • With an easy to read LED display, Mettler’s Sys Stim 228 guides you through treatment parameters for easy set up.


Product Description: The Mettler Sys Stim 228 is used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals to treat injuries to muscles and other soft tissues. Perfect for use in clinics, sports facilities and rehab centers, the Sys Stim 228 offers therapeutic neuromuscular stimulation and is compatible with specific Mettler ultrasound devices in order to convert to a e-stim/therapeutic ultrasound machine.  The Sys Stim 228 has a carrying bag for easy portability for the device and all necessary accessories.

Mettler Sys Stim 228 Neuromuscular Stimulator Features:

  • Easy to carry with built-in handles

  • 4 electrical stimulation waveforms

  • Easy to navigate user interface with bright color LED display

  • 2 independent timers

Mettler Sys Stim 228 Neuromuscular Stimulator Specifications:

3 year warranty

Weight: 8.0 lbs (2.2 kg).

Unboxed Dimensions: 12.0" (L) x 8.0" (W) x 7.4" (H) (32.8 cm x 20.3 cm x 18.8 cm).

Input: 115 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 0.4 Amp Nom.

Operating Temperature: 50 to 131 °F.


  • Operating: 30 to 75% Relative Humidity at 104 °F.
  • Non-Operating: Up to 90% Relative Humidity at 149 °F.

Storage Temperature: - 40 to 167 °F.

Maximum Treatment Time: 1 - 60 minutes.


  • Interferential: 0 - 65 mA RMS.
  • Premodulated: 0 - 50 mA RMS.
  • Medium Frequency (Russian): 0 - 50 mA RMS.
  • Biphasic: 0 - 99 mA peak.

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty