110 Gallon Stationary Whirlpool Effective for both upper and lower extremity therapeutic whirlpool treatment.

Whitehall S-110-S Stationary Sports Whirlpool Therapy System 110 Gallon

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Whitehall S-110-S Stationary Sports Whirlpool Therapy System 110 Gallon

Whitehall's sports line of whirlpool tubs are designed specifically for treating athletes, including treatment of injuries as well as prevention of common muscle and other injuries that occur in athletic competitions.

The S-110-S Whirlpool is a stationary tub that was created based upon feedback from athletic trainers throughout the United States. It has a volume capacity of 110 gallons.

The Whitehall S-110-S sports whirlpool treatment tub offers recuperative and healing therapy to the extremities, hips, back and shoulder areas. The tub is long enough to accommodate larger athletes.

Specifications of the Whitehall S-110-S Stationary Sports Whirlpool include:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Appropriate for: Athletic Trainer , Physical Therapy
  • Capacity in Liquid Volume: 110 gallons
  • Body Treatment Location(s): sitting neck
  • Internal Length: 56"
  • Internal Width: 24"
  • Internal Depth: 25"
  • Certification(s): MET , CE

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The Whitehall Sports Whirlpool line of whirlpool tubs also includes a stationary with legs version (S-110-SL), a mobile version (S-110-M) and a mobile version with sump (S-110-M-DS).

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