Baseline BIMS Digital 5-Position Grip Dynamometer, Functional Model

Baseline BIMS Digital 5-Position Grip Dynamometer, Functional Model

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The Baseline BIMS Digital 5-Position Grip Dynamometer – Functional Model is the enhanced replacement for the standard hydraulic dynamometer for straight forward live strength testing. The new and updated load-cell digital technology hand grip dynamometer for more accurate, repeatable, and consistent measurements. No more hydraulics with potential oil leakage and no moving parts for increased risk of breakage. An extended testing capacity measures hand grip strength up to 300 lbs. (135 kg). A color LCD displays test results in easy to read and understand graphics – displayed in real time and in pounds and kilograms. Five (5) position handles to fit all hand sizes and enable testing at various grip positions for strong and weak patients. Subject information can be inputted at the time of test: hand, handle/paddle position, exertion/rest times, and test type. Simple and easy to use, just press select to begin the test and delete to reset the test to zero. The Functional Model only provides:

  • Max Force Test – Shows real time strength readings and maximum value. Test result is not stored.
  • Note: This device is also Bluetooth-enabled for connection to future applications
  • Fitted foam carrying case
  • User manual

Dimensions: 11" x 3" x 5.5"
Weight: 4 lbs
UPC: 714905118950

Notice: Typically ships in 1-2 days.


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