Commander Echo Inclinometer Starter Kit - Dual Inclinometer Set and console

Commander Echo Dual Inclinometer Starter Kit JTECH

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Wireless Digital Inclinometer for ROM MeasurementJTECH's Inclinometry starter set includes Commander Echo Console and Wireless Dual Inclinometer Module

The Commander Echo Dual Inclinometer is the best tool for physical therapists and Chiropractors to measure extremity range of motion.

This Incliometry starter kit features 2 wireless inclinometers and the Commander Echo console for automatic, quick range of motion data gathering.

Perform range of motion evaluations faster and guarantee higher accuracy for your patients while you get them on the road to more positive clinical outcomes.

JTECH Dual Inclinometer and Echo Console

Commander Echo System Offers a portable, highly accurate digital muscle testing solution that doesn’t require a computer for data collection. The Dual Inclinometer Starter kit features the Echo Dual Inclinometer module and Commander Console.

The Commander Echo console works with wireless Echo inclinometers to capture and store all the relevant data and display it in the user's preferred units of measurement. Dual Inclinometry allows the evaluator to complete measurements of both flexion and extension without repositioning the inclinometers.


Dual Inclinometer for Spine and Extremity ROM

The Echo Inclinometers were designed to make measuring spine and large extremity ranges of motion faster, easier and more accurate. Using Dual Inclinometers fulfills the requirement to capture the compound motion of the spine by measuring two points concurrently.

Our Dual Inclinometer Starter Kit can be used to measure extremities using either single or dual inclinometry. Dual JTECH Commander Echo System Includes Wireless Dual Inclinometer System

“Inclinometry is the preferred method for capturing compound spinal range of motion data”, as recommended by the AMA.

Benefits of Using Wireless Dual Inclinometers

  • Wireless devices eliminate cord restrictions, allowing the clinician to test more accurately and more efficiently

  • Provides true range of motion by measuring passive and active movement

  • Quantifies true range of motion from each inclinometer by subtracting any intervention movement

  • The Inclinometer has a dynamic testing mode that allows for automatic collection of data without pressing a button

Top Uses for Echo Dual Inclinometry Set

The Commander Echo Inclinometer Starter kit is the “preferred method of capturing compound spinal ROM data”. Provides recording of the Total Range of Motion, Upper Segment Extreme and Lower Segment Extreme for spine range of motion measurements (vital data for AMA-based impairment rating).

Commander Echo Inclinometer kit helps with all spinal range of motion tests: including, lumbar, cervical, and thoracic protocols


Used to convey functional abilities concerning Range of Motion (ROM). Commander Echo Inclinometer Starter kit possesses more functionality and features than any other non-computerized ROM evaluation tools on the market.

Commonly used by physical therapists and chiropractors to quantify true range of motion. Users can quickly and accurately measure flexion and extension without starting and stopping test to record or reposition.

Digital Range of Motion Inclinometer For Evaluating:

  • Lumbar, Cervical, and Thoracic Spine Range of Motion

  • Flexion and Extension of Upper and Lower Extremities

  • Hip Aduction and/or Hip Abduction

  • Or detecting Lordosis, Kyphosis, and Joint Ankylosis


JTECH Commander Echo Dual Inclinometer easily measures spinal and extremity range of motion.

Why The  Echo Dual Inclinometer Starter Kit Do Is Best for ROM

• Eliminates calculation, placement changes, and repeat procedures.

• Records up to eight repetitions per test, for up to 20 tests.

• Features Dynamic, Static, and Auto-rep testing modes for the spine and extremities.

• In Auto-rep testing mode, the Console automatically records movement end-points so testing is more convenient.

• Measure extremities with either dual or single inclinometry.

• Capable of simulated goniometry.


Extremity Range of Motion Testing Options / Settings

The Dual Inclinometer is made with several testing settings for particular extremity range of motion evaluations. These preset modes allow the Echo Commander Inclinometer users to check cervical and lumbar range of motion, as well as other extremities.


JTECH has several software compatible with Commander Echo Inclinometer Starter kit for range of motion data capture and reporting.


Static Testing Mode.

Static testing can be performed using either single or dual inclinometry protocols. Static testing means the patient’s range of motion is measured in a static position. In Static Testing Mode, ROM is also only measured for a single joint movement, such as single inclinometry elbow flexion or dual inclinometry thoracic kyphosis.

Dynamic Testing Mode

Using dual inclinometry in Dynamic Testing Mode is the preferred method for measuring most spine ranges of motion. Dynamic Testing Mode measures movement pairs, such as cervical flexion/extension, or left and right cervical lateral flexion.


Dynamic range of motion tests can be performed using dual or single inclinometry. For dual inclinometry, the display provides three measurements: movement of both sensors and Total Range of Motion. For single inclinometry, the display only shows the Primary device’s movement. Dynamic Testing Mode for dual or single inclinometry is essentially the same.

Auto-rep mode for Quick Testing

Each TEST is zeroed on the first repetition. After being zeroed on the first rep, the inclinometer moves to some max angle (greater than 10 degrees from zero), and then returns to within 10 degrees of the zero position. The maximum angle will automatically be stored and the next rep will start.

Intended for Measuring Extremity Protocols Using Inclinometer

Dual or single inclinometer methods can be used for measuring range of motion of each joint. Choose the method most comfortable for you to use. Dual or single inclinometer methods can be used with the protocols for measuring ankylosed joints.

Dual Inclinometer Doubles as Simulated Goniometer

The Inclinometers can be used to simulate a goniometer, both in dual and single inclinometry modes, when measuring extremity ranges of motion. While the individual angles of the Primary and Secondary units are displayed for dual inclinometry, only the Total Range of Motion value is typically required for extremity range of motion.

The Dual Inclinometers are very accurate for measuring extremity ranges of motion because

it effectively eliminates goniometer alignment errors and substantially increases inter- and intra-rater repeatability.


JTECH Commander Echo Dual Inclinometer and Console Accessories

  • Alignment Rails – Magnetically attach to the Inclinometers for easy visual confirmation of alignment

  • VELCRO Straps – Can be used for dynamic range of motion inclinometry testing. Comes in a set containing Small, Medium, and Large straps


Optional Software Packages for Echo Dual Inclinometer

  • Echo Downloader Software

  • Northstar

Commander Echo Systems With Inclinometry:
  • Active Care Rehab

  • Industrial Medicine

  • Med-Legal

  • Pain Management


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