Starter Kit Includes MMT Dynamometer Unit and Commander Echo Console

JTECH Commander Echo MMT Dynamometer Starter Kit

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Commander Echo Manual Muscle Tester

Includes Echo Wireless Manual Muscle Tester and Commander Echo Console for MMT data collection

Hand Held Dynamometers have become an increasingly useful and inexpensive way to gather muscle strength data.

Commander Echo MMT System offers a portable, highly accurate digital testing solution that doesn’t require a computer for data collection. The Commander Echo Console works with the Wireless Hand Held Dynamometer to capture and store all the relevant data.

Compared with clinical muscle testing devices, the Echo Commander System is just as accurate for a fraction of the price. You’ll save customers and yourself money with this economical muscle testing device.

The Commander Echo MMT Starter kit provides you with the capabilities of a much more expensive system at much better price.

These powerful digital manual muscle testing tools enable users to:

  • Quickly and accurately measure muscle strength loses and/or improvements

  • Automatically and reliably collect and store data with Commander Echo Console

  • Capture and store up to 20 tests (4 repetitions / side)

  • Perform less expensive and equally reliable muscle tests with a more portable, easy to use hand held dynamometer

  • Measure up to 200 lbs of peak force in upper and lower extremities

Does the JTech Commander Echo Muscle Testing Device need to be connected to a computer to use?

  • No, the device works completely independently of a computer – all of the results are collected and stored on the Commander Echo Console. The only time a computer would be used is if they wanted accompanying software to download the results, but it’s not necessary.

Does the JTech Commander Echo Muscle Testing Device work with Bluetooth?

  • No, the device uses a proprietary radio frequency for communication between the device and console.

Commander Echo MMT Tutorial

All these features make the Commander Echo Manual Muscle Testing Device a valuable tool for assessing a patient’s progression in any rehabilitation program. Practitioners can eliminate inconsistencies tied to classic MMT testing limitations

Benefits of JTECH’s Digital Muscle Testing Systems

The Commander Echo manual muscle testing starter kit is used for evaluating muscle strength wirelessly using a hand held dynamometer

JTECH’s Commander Echo MMT System is the latest and greatest digital muscle testing system on the market. As the successor to the PowerTrack ll Hand Held Dynamometer, the Echo MMT Tool is regarded as top of the class.

The easy to use computer console will automatically calculate common stats in real time and present it in your prefered unit of measure. Test protocols can be customized according to number of tests, Threshold, Newtons, Kilograms or Pounds. Capture up to 20 tests with 4 repetitions per side.

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The Best Hand Held Dynamometers by JTECH Medical

JTECH Medical is well known for high quality and reliable medical diagnostic products. Their previous hand held dynamometer (HHD), the JTECH PowerTrack II MMT Device, was widely popular among the medical community. JTECH Medical took their previous achievements and created an even higher quality system, the Commander Echo Wireless Muscle Tester and Console.

JTECH Commander Echo products will help you save time testing and ensure peace of mind with unprecedented reliability. Your customers will also appreciate your quick testing protocols and be impressed by the professional looking reports you easily generate.

Commander Echo Manual Muscle Testing Starter Kit Includes:

JTECH Medical MMT starter kit features everything you need for fast accurate manual muscle testing.  Starter kit includes 1 MMT Module, 1 Wireless Console, and all the accessories listed below. Optional software and other Commander Echo Modules available, see below for details.

Echo Wireless Manual Muscle Testing Dynamometer

The JTECH Echo MMT Device is the most user friendly strength testing device on market. Sleek design and ergonomic shape fits the user’s hand comfortably. This limits “roll-over” and helps produce accurate make or break strength evaluations.

You can also quickly change the accessory pads with JTECH’s Quick Connect snap-in-place technology. Much faster than screw in method utilized by other hand held dynamometers on the market. Move from one muscle testing protocol to the next without wasting time or costing patients more money.

The Echo Manual Muscle tester also contains Axis Compensation “smart” Load Cell Technology. JTECH Load cell technology boast 99% accuracy, even when force is applied off center. With the Commander Echo MMT you’ll capture muscle testing data quicker and more accurately.  Measures up to 200 pounds.

This wireless manual muscle testing unit offers reliable and accurate solution for capturing muscle strength data in upper and lower extremities

Pair MMT Unit with Commander Echo Console

The Wireless Echo Console connects directly to the MMT module and captures and cmputes data in real time.  Both pieces of the system are fully wireless and rechargeable, enabling optimal portability around a clinic or in the field.

Combined with the Commander Echo Console, the Echo Wireless Dynamometer makes gathering muscle testing data easier than ever. The device will pay for itself with the amount of time you save testing and analyzing strength data.

“Increased accuracy and repeatability over old fashion muscle testing techniques”

JTECH Echo Manual Muscle Tester Accessories

  • Flat Pad –  Used to track muscle strength when exerting pressure onto a flat surface

  • Curved Pad –  Used when the surface area is not flat

  • Muscle Tester Cradle – The Muscle Tester Cradle provides a stable platform to rest the muscle tester.

  • Wrist Lanyard – The Wrist Lanyard is used to help prevent dropping devices when carrying, or when performing some tests.

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What Can the JTECH Echo Muscle Tester Do?

The JTECH Digital Muscle Testing System is used to convey a subject’s ability to resist force for a given muscle or muscle group. Also used for determining Max force a subject can exert. Muscle strength testing is designed to objectively assess strength and provide solid evidence of functional losses and improvements through treatment.

Benefits of Computerized Manual Muscle Testing Systems

Hand Held Dynamometers are a reliable and simple device for testing muscle strength. Not only are they accurate but they are extremely portable.

Common fixed isokinetic devices are much more expensive to own and operate. Not to mention impractical for many clinical setting as they are ”fixed” in one place. The Commander Echo MMT on the other hand is lightweight, rechargeable, and just as accurate.

Computerized Muscle Testing Device, like the Commander Echo MMT Starter Kit, further increase simplicity and speed at which MMT procedures take place. The JTECH HHD provides increased accuracy and repeatability over old-fashioned muscle testing techniques.

Less time testing patients is good for you and your customers. HHD’s are a much more economical way to gather accurate MMT data in less time.

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Features and Benefits of JTECH’s MMT Starter Kit

The Commander Echo MMT Hand Held Dynamometer was designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand during muscle testing. It can be used to test with either hand. Its slim profile and ergonomic design helps prevent rollover.

Compatible Software Systems for JTECH Commander Echo

  • Echo Downloader Software (most commonly bought together)

  • Northstar

  • IRIS

Simple to use computerized manual muscle testing system - JTECH Commander Echo Manual Muscle Tester

Each system offers its own unique benefits. Click links for sample reports for each and feel free to email customer service for more info. Trial Software Licences available for anyone seriously interested in purchasing the Commander Echo MMT Starter Kit or other JTECH Medical products.

JTECH Echo Downloader Software System
Northstar and Commander Echo System Capabilities
Commander Echo Console and IRIS Software


  • Active Care Rehab

  • Industrial Medicine

  • Med-Legal

  • Pain Management

Create Your Own Commander Echo Muscle Testing System

Checkout our “Build Your Own Commander Echo System” option here[insert link to product]. The Commander Echo Series is not just for MMT, but can seamless pair with other vital digital muscle testing tools, like:....

  • Inclinometer

  • Grip dynamometer

  • Goniometer

  • Static force gauge

    • Lift platform and other attachments

  • Pinch strength

  • Pain Algometer

IF you need any more information or additional help ordering a Commander Echo Muscle Testing System, please request a quote here. Or email us directly

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