Commander Echo Hand Grip Tester and Wireless Data Collection Console

Commander Echo Grip Dynamometer Starter Kit

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Wireless Electronic Grip Dynamometer and Console

The Commander Echo Grip Dynamometer is designed for hand strength testing or voluntary maximal effort evaluations. Combined with the JTECH’s Commander Echo Console, you can wirelessly capture hand strength and functional ability in just minutes.JTECH Grip Strength Starter kit includes both the Commander Echo Console and Wireless Grip Strength Dynamometer

In the past, a hydraulic grip dynamometer would have been used for evaluating grip strength. These analog dynamometers were a great tool at the time but could be unreliable. User’s risked collecting inaccurate grip strength data due to calibration issues or even mistakes recording data by hand.

Nowadays, we have the power of wireless electronic grip strength testers which capture grip strength data faster and more accurately than their predecessors. Modern grip strength testers, like the JTECH Echo Grip Dynamometer, are more portable and much less expensive to operate.  Forget about wasting time tracking or calculating, the Commander Echo Console automatically does it for you.

Highlights of JTECH  Echo Grip Strength Starter Kit

  • Performs 5-position, rapid exchange and sustained grip tests

  • Quickly and Inexpensively determine voluntary maximal grip strength

  • Ideal for “consistency of effort” tests commonly used in  Workers’ Compensation and FCE exams

  • Digital load cell technology guarantees enhanced reliability and longevity of device and its calibration.

  • 1 of 7 Different modules compatible with the Commander Echo Console.


Using an electronic grip testing system like the Commander Echo Grip Strength Starter kit will pay dividends as long as you use it. Compared to other isokinetic strength measuring tools, electronic grip dynamometers are much more afford


Includes Wireless Grip Dynamometer and Commander Echo Console

Commander Echo Grip Strength Starter kit includes a portable, highly accurate digital grip strength tester along with the Echo Console. This wireless hand grip tester doesn’t require a computer but has optional software.  in case you’d like to create fast professional looking reports for your clients.

Performing grip strength evaluations is easier with a wireless hand held dynamometer like JTECH's Commander Echo Grip Tester

The Jtech Hand Grip Evaluation Starter kit does not require a computer for data collection, just the Commander Echo console which is included. Paired with the wireless grip strength device, the Echo Console automatically captures data and provides basic stats in real time. to capture and store all the relevant data and display it in the user's preferred units of measurement.

Electronic Grip Strength Dynamometer

Axis CompensationTM “smart” load cell technology maintains accuracy even when force is applied off center.

  • Measure and record up to eight repetitions for each hand.

  • Quickly determine “consistency of effort”

  • Measures up to 200 pounds for very strong performers.


Requires Echo console to operate but can be purchased on its own if you already own the Commander Echo Console.

Computerized Hand Grip Evaluation Made Easy

Using the Commander Echo Console it's easy for the user to adjust test time, incorporate fatigue calculations, and accurately evaluate sustained grip tests. You can also switch between several units of measure, including lb, kg, N.

Computerized hand grip testing reduces evaluation time and is more accurate than hydraulic grip dynamometers.


Simple grip testing using JTECH's Commander Echo Console and Wireless Grip Strength Dynamometer


Commander Console LCD Screen displays data and records each test automatically so you don’t have to. Quickly measure your patient’s max force, coefficient of variation (CV), right and left average force and bilateral deficit.

Commander Echo Grip Testing starter kit ensures you spend less time testing and more time working toward positive patient outcomes.

Why Measure a Patient's Grip Strength?

Hand strength has become known as one of the most important aspects of a person’s autonomy. Hand strength and dexterity is increasingly seen as a leading indicator of overall health in general. Tracking a patient’s grip strength norms compared to similar demographics is an easy way to establish health baseline and advance patients in the rehab process.

Perform max force and sustained grip tests using the Commander Echo Grip Dynamometer Starter Kit


Uses for Commander Echo Grip Strength Tester

A patient's max grip reading can tell us a lot about their overall health in general. Using the Commander Echo Grip Dynamometer practitioners can identify any improvements / impairments with refined detail. Especially important measuring the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other chronic hand issues.

Echo Grip Dynamometer Accessories in Starter Kit:

  • Grip Cable  – Helps user attach weights to the dynamometer for specific grip strength evaluation

  • Wrist Lanyard – The Wrist Lanyard is used to help prevent dropping devices when carrying, or when performing some tests....

JTECH Software Compatible with Echo Grip Dynamometer

Quickly and accurately capture grip sctrength data with Commander Echo Downloader software. Easily generates hand grip strength reports.

Echo Downloader Software

  • Optional Commander Echo Downloader software available to reduce transcription errors. Data is downloaded directly from the console into a basic, easy-to-read report.

Northstar software

  • All Echo devices can be upgraded to interface with JTECH’s Northstar Software programs.

Customize Your Own Commander Echo System

If you have a need for more than one of these modalities we recommend you consider our “Create your own Commander Echo System”.


JTECH Medical has several professional package deals which include the Grip Dynamometer and other Commander Echo Modules. Checkout links below for more details.



  • Hand and Upper Extremity

  • Industrial Medicine