JTECH Hand and Upper Extremity Evalaution Package comes with their Northstar Software system.

JTECH Commander Echo Hand and Upper Extremity System

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JTech Commander Hand & Upper Extremity System for Strength Testing

System includes Commander Echo Console, Northstar Software and 3 Modules: Pinch Gauge, Grip Dynamometer, and Wireless GoniometerFrom driving to washing dishes, many daily tasks we take for granted require hand and arm functionality. When treating patients who have sustained a hand or arm injury or those suffering from chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, it is essential to be able to establish objective measurements for both a baseline and to track progress. 

The Commander Echo Hand and Upper Extremity System is an innovative system that reduces documentation time without sacrificing accuracy. It provides real-time data calculations and analysis. Not only that, but practitioners can create easy-to-read patient progress charts, and detailed narrative reports with just one click. What’s more, the entire system can be used in combination with a hand held dynamometry for comprehensive evaluation.

Objective Pain Measurement | The JTech Commander Echo System

To Use the JTech Commander Hand & Upper Extremity system you have to purchase the Commander Echo Console. The JTech Commander Echo Console is a unique modular device which provides clinics and practitioners alike with measurement equipment that is portable and wireless. What’s more, you can add devices to be used with the system as your practice grows. 

The Benefits of a Modular Measurement Device

  • Purchase handheld dynamometers and evaluation tools when you need them

  • Wireless 

  • Portable

  • Records data for up to 7 measurement devices at a time

  • Perform complete range of motion and strength testing

Perform muscle testing protocols to detect hand and upper extremity issues using pinch, grip and range of motion testing tools from JTECH Medical

Upper Extremity Range of Motion Testing 

The JTech Commander Echo Goniometer

Goniometry is an advanced measurement device that can test the range of motion (ROM) of both large extremity joints and small joints in fingers and toes. With the JTech Commander Echo goniometer, the wireless console is independent of the testing device. This allows the tester to easily review data in real-time.  Also, practitioners can perform a complete range of motion test for the fingers with measurements for PIP, MP and DIP in under 2 minutes!

The Benefits of the JTech Commander Goniometer

The Commander Echo offers a portable, highly accurate digital testing solution that doesn’t require a computer to collect data. As part of the Commander Echo System and Console, the wireless Echo goniometer can capture and store all the relevant data and display it in the user's preferred units of measurement.

With the JTech Commander Echo goniometer, the wireless console is independent of the testing device. This allows the tester to easily review data in real-time.  Also, practitioners can perform a complete range of motion test for the fingers with measurements for PIP, MP and DIP in under 2 minutes!

Physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and rehabilitation practitioners will use goniometers to evaluate full range of motion for: 

  • differential diagnosis

  • treatment planning

  • progress tracking

  • functional testing

  • impairment rating

  • extremity muscle strength

Fast Strength Measurement Documentation

The JTech Echo Goniometer can measure both large extremities and muscle groups (using easy to snap-on rails) or small joints. Not only that, but it can measure even if a joint moves into hyper-extension as well as providing documentation for immobile joints. The JTech goniometer can help streamline your evaluation and documentation process to improve productivity. 


Accurate Pinch Strength Measurement

Pinch strength plays an important role in overall independence and is increasingly seen as a leading indicator of overall health. 

JTECH's Hand and Upper Extremity Package includes several modules, including the Wireless Echo Pinch Gauge


The Benefits of the JTech Commander Pinch Gauge

The Commander Echo pinch gauge is designed for hand strength testing or voluntary maximal effort evaluations. What’s more, the Commander Echo is completely portable, providing highly accurate digital testing without the need for a computer to collect data results. This wireless pinch strength measurement device captures, stores and displays test data in your preferred unit of measurement. 

The JTech Pinch Gauge can be used for key, palmar and tip strength testing to establish baselines for both sides. It can also be used to monitor progress. Additionally, benefits include:

  • accurate results with greater than 99% accuracy

  • results for maximum force, coefficient of variation, right and left side test averages and bilateral deficits

  • smart load cell technology which maintains accuracy even if force generated is off-center

The JTech Commander Grip Strength Gauge

When a patient suffers a hand or arm injury or has a chronic condition, it is important to have devices that can measure grip strength. However, muscle strength testing isn’t just about hand strength, it can also provide a snapshot of a patient’s health and functional ability. The Commander Echo grip is designed for measuring muscle strength of the hand or for voluntary maximal effort evaluations. 

The reliability of manual muscle testing results is dependent on the accuracy of your device coupled with adherence to testing protocols, like performing break tests. The JTech Grip device provides accurate results for manual muscle strength and functional ability in mere minutes. 

The JTech Grip Gauge for Comprehensive Testing

The JTECH Echo Hand Evaluation System includes a Wireless Grip Dynamometer for hand strength evaluation If your physical therapy practice is looking for a portable, highly accurate digital testing solution, you need to look no further than the Commander Echo. Working wirelessly with the Commander Echo console, the grip gauge will automatically capture and store all relevant testing data. It also provides accurate reports for strength grading.  

The Benefits of the JTech Grip Strength Measurement Gauge

Grip strength is used to predict quality of life during aging as well as establish functional ability for job tasks or to track progress in rehabilitation. To ensure the accuracy of your results, it’s important to use a proven muscle testing device. The JTech Commander Grip Gauge:

  • Performs 5-position, rapid exchange and sustained grip tests

  • Displays maximum force, coefficient of variation (CV), right and left average force and bilateral deficit

  • Provides adjustable test time with fatigue calculations for sustained grip tests

Note: The Commander Echo Console is required with an initial device purchase. 

Greater Capabilities with Optional Software

All Echo strength measurement devices can be upgraded to interface with JTECH’s Northstar Software programs, like the Commander Echo Downloader software. Reduce transcription errors and download data directly from the console. Practitioners can then create an easy-to-read report with just one click.