Commander Echo Algometry Starter Kit Includes Echo Console and Wireless Pain Algometer

Commander Echo Wireless Pain Testing Algometer Starter Kit from JTECH

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JTECH Commander Echo Algometer Starter Kit

The Commander Echo Algometery Starter Kit includes the Wireless Algometer and Commander Echo ConsoleEffortlessly capture pain threshold data with the JTECH Commander Echo Console Pain Algometer (aka Dolorimeter).  The JTECH Algometer is the best tool for identifying clinically significant changes in a patient’s sensitivity to pressure.

Not only is it wireless and portable but extremely sophisticated and easy to use. No more worrying about losing data or wasting time on inaccurate algometer testing. The Commander Echo Console gathers and stores data automatically for later use.

JTECH Console communicates with Wireless Algometer and computes key statistics in real time. The wireless console enables the tester to review data during algometer testing without altering the patient's level of effort.

The ergonomic design combined with “axis compensation” circuitry guarantees accurate testing between users and patients. You no longer need to worry about off-center sensor placement corrupting your testing data. The Commander Echo Algometer compensates for accurate testing between user and patient populations for consistent reliable results.

Includes JTECH Commander Echo Console and Digital Pressure Algometer

The JTECH Commander Echo console was created to allow the users to fully customize muscle testing and evaluation for their clinic. This particular package, Console and Digital Pain Threshold Algometer combo, is all you need for wireless pain threshold evaluation.

JTECH Commander Echo Console

The Commander Echo console works with the wireless Echo algometer to capture and store all the relevant data.  Easy to read LCD allows user to easily select preferred units of measurement. Features an easy to use joystick for navigating the system and makes it easy to convey pain response and pressure threshold.

Wireless Algometer for Objective Pain Management

Digital pressure algometry is used to help measure a patient's pain threshold baseline.Medical professionals can quickly collect and store pain threshold data using the Commander Echo Algometry Starter Kit. This device can perform up to 4 repetitions per test. The 2 measurement tips included in the system are designed for use on large or small muscles.

Best of all, the JTECH Commander Algometer boasts 99% accuracy, eliminating inaccuracy retests or incorrect pain threshold evaluations. Forget about retesting or unreliable measurements and focus on helping patients. 

Why Buy an Electronic Algometer For Pain Evaluation

Pain tolerance is extremely difficult to evaluate on the classic pain scale rating system. Pain tolerance varies widely from patient to patient and collecting consistent data is nearly impossible. The Commander Echo Algometer System will save a lot of guesswork and help you achieve positive patient outcomes sooner.

Uses for JTECH Algometer in Commander Echo System

The Commander Echo Algometer Starter Kit can be used to help evaluate fibromyalgia, arthritic conditions and trigger point tenderness. Other popular uses for a wireless pain algometer include:

  • Identify pain triggers, pain levels, pain tolerance, etc

  • establish treatment and track improvement with Command Echo Algometry.

  • Enables highly accurate digital testing without a computer..

Save time and money by upgrading your pain threshold testing systems with the Commander Echo Algometer Starter Kit.... 

Features Wireless Algometer for Commander Echo System

The Commander Algometery Kit for Computerized Pain Tolerance Testing and ReportingMeasures up to 25 lb of pressure.

• Variety of algometer pressure tip sizes enable different testing applications

• Replaceable rubber tips in case you damage or lose one

• Can be used for Algometry and/or Finger strength testing

• JTECH’s Axis Compensation Technology*

*JTECH’s patented “smart” load cell technology maintains accurate testing even when device is applied off center. Again, saves you and your patients time and money.

JTECH Algometer Accessories and Replacement Parts Available
  • 0.5cm2 Algometer Tip (JT-8AC006) – The 0.5cm2 Algometer Tip can be used for cervical testing.

  • 1.0cm2 Algometer Tip (JT-8AC005) – The 1.0cm2 Algometer Tip conforms to normative testing.

  • Finger Tip Adapter (JT-8AC007) – The Finger Tip Adapter converts the Algometer for testing individual finger strength.

  • Flat Pad (JT-8AC008) – Using the flat pad you can easily calibrate the pain algometer and guarantee accuracy during future algometer use.

  • Wrist Lanyard (JT-7AC006) –  simple wrist lanyard intended to prevent you from dropping / damaging the device.

Software Options for Commander Echo Systems

The Jtech Commander Echo System is compatible with a couple different software packages.

Commander Echo Downloader software wirelessly records and tracks pain algometer tests.


Commander Echo Downloader Software System

Optional Commander Echo Downloader Software available to reduce transcription errors. Data is downloaded directly from the console into a basic, easy-to-read report.

JTECH Downloader software simply integrates with your Commander Echo Console and captures data automatically. This system drastically reduces problems regarding note taking and/or transcription errors.

JTECH Northstar Pain Algometer System

Quickly and accurately measure a patient's pain threshold with JTECH's Commander Algometery SystemJTECH Northstar software provides the support clinicians need for objective pain evaluation. Northstar Software combined with Commander Echo Algometer allows users to document limiting effects of pain on daily activities and exercises.

The JTECH Northstar Pain Algometer System provides quick, easy, pain threshold data downloaded straight to a computer. This electronic algometery system allows for quick and accurate determination of positive functional outcomes. Accurately quantify objective, and measurable improvements throughout the process.

*All Echo devices can be upgraded to interface with JTECH’s Downloader and/or Northstar Software programs.



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