Small Training Stairs Whitehall TS-300

Small Training Stairs Whitehall TS-300

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Large Training Stairs Whitehall TS-300

These stainless Steel training stairs provide safe and effective stair stepping therapy for patients of all sizes who have suffered a lower extremity injury, coming off surgery, or a stroke patient. As an important tool in your rehabilitative arsenal, training stairs allow the therapist to safely and effectively provide the needed training to build strength and increase mobility and range of motion in their patients as they maneuver up and down stairs, moving against and with gravity as they ascend and descend the stairs.

This Whitehall Stainless Steel Training Stairs measuring 64” x 30” x 65” is made of 14-gauge type 304 stainless steel, providing a unit capable of handling bariatric patients and other patients with safety and security.

  • The steps on side 1 are 6" tall while the steps on side 2 are 4" tall. 
  • Anti-slip treads on each stair and on the platform for sure footing, and sturdy handrails for sure gripping.
  • Platform is open on both ends.
  • Stainless steel handrails have a diameter of 1.5” for secure gripping
  • Platform: 31” x 31”
  • Weight Capacity: 800 lbs.

Dimensions: 64” x 30” x 65”

Weight: 302 lbs.

Notice: Typically ships in 4 weeks.


Please contact us for a shipping price quote for this item. These stairs are made to order and can take 3-5 weeks to send order out.