Spirit XT685  Treadmill

Spirit XT685 Treadmill

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Spirit XT685 Treadmill

The Spirit XT685 Treadmill is built with a 4.0 HP motor and a waxed deck system and heavy-duty steel frame and non-folding design for maximum durability and user comfort. It offers an extra-large workout surface at 60 L” x 22” W and an oversized 9" bright blue backlit LCD screen on the console that gives users immediate access to information they need. This treadmill is built for the rigors and hard use of a multi-user environment while providing the user with maximum comfort and convenience. Great for the commercial fitness environment in the development of cardiorespiratory fitness and as part of injury rehabilitation exercises.

The Benefits of Exercising on a Treadmill

Regular cardio training on a treadmill, you can reduce the risk of major chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. The natural act of walking or jogging is beneficial to the musculoskeletal system. You can increase your muscle strength and stamina, plus you can increase the strength of your bones too. Treadmills are safe, private, convenient, and are reported as the most enjoyable cardio exercise for most.

Specifications and Features of the Spirit XT685 Treadmill

  • An oversized 9" bright blue backlit LCD screen on the console that gives users all the information they need and want at their fingertips
  • Speed can be adjusted from 0.5 to 12 mph and the incline can be raised up to 15%
  • Nine factory preset programs, two user defined programs for custom workouts and one manual program. Each preset program has a maximum speed level that is displayed when a desired workout is chosen
  • Preset programs include Hill, Fat burn, Cardio, Strength, Calorie, Fusion, Interval and Heart Rate Programs 1 and 2
  • While in use, an anatomical figure appears that specifies which muscles are being minimally and maximally activated
  • Contact and wireless heart rate monitoring options are also included to make workouts more effective
  • An adjustable cooling fan and dual speakers with an audio jack are provided for comfort and entertainment
  • The console displays Pace, Calories burned, Time (elapsed or countdown), Distance traveled, Pulse, Speed, Incline, Program Name, # of Laps completed and Segment Time. A Speed & Incline profile graph that lets you see how hard you have worked and how challenging the upcoming segments will be
  • Features a magnetic safety tether cord that will stop tread-belt movement immediately should the user fall or move too far back on the tread-belt
  • Click HERE to Download the User Manual
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Treadmills are key exercise devices used in gyms, clinics, homes, research facilities, and athletic training rooms to facilitate the development of fitness, recovery from injury, and overall general well-being.

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