Trueform Runner Treadmill (66-0132)

Trueform Runner Treadmill (66-0132)

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There are motor driven treadmills and there are motor-free treadmills that offer the walker/runner with a more natural experience while providing a superior workout high in caloric burn, eco-friendly, relatively quiet, and convenient as no electrical power/outlet is needed.

The Trueform Runner Treadmill with its unique curved design reduces joint stress, promotes good posture while walking/jobbing, helps in the evaluation and treatment of gait mechanics, and provides an intuitive feel for the users unique optimal running efficiency.Because you set the pace, the unit quickly responds to changes in position as well as speed. Accelerate as quickly as you'd like and slow down just as fast. Instantly go from a walk to a jog to a sprint

The Benefits of Exercising on a Treadmill

Regular cardio training on a treadmill, you can reduce the risk of major chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. The natural act of walking or jogging is beneficial to the musculoskeletal system. You can increase your muscle strength and stamina, plus you can increase the strength of your bones too. Treadmills are safe, private, convenient, and are reported as the most enjoyable cardio exercise for most.

Specifications and Features of the Trueform Runner Treadmill

  • Motor free, manual powered treadmill for greater training stimulus and control of speed variations
  • Solidly constructed from 100% metal with a formed and welded 7-gauge steel frame and heavy-duty axle assemblies
  • Belt options including artificial turf and rubberized running track, made of polyurethane with steel radial and feature super smooth Responsive Belt Technology, for a 17” wide running surface
  • Solidly constructed from 100% metal with a formed and welded 7-gauge steel frame and heavy-duty axle assemblies
  • For a smoother walk/run experience the treadmill glides on 106 sealed ball bearings
  • Features a Bright LED display, powered by a rechargeable battery, that tracks distance, speed, time and pace

Treadmills are key exercise devices used in gyms, clinics, homes, research facilities, and athletic training rooms to facilitate the development of fitness, recovery from injury, and overall general well-being.

Dimensions: 64" x 63" x 36"
Weight: 350 lbs
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.