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Manual for the Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 and Large Cognitive Level Screen-5:

Knowing how to perform the Allen Cognitive Test is essential for getting the most valuable information from patients. Treating Alzheimer's disease and Dementia can be tricky. Simply asking questions or reading a survey won’t give you enough information to help a healthcare worker make the most informed and helpful decisions.

This manual is the most recently updated and revised version for administering both ACLS and LACLS and is guided by the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, 1999).

New sections include 

  • Definition of "functional cognition"
  • History of the cognitive disabilities model
  • Set up of the tools with photos
  • Color-coded administration instructions
  • Revised scoring tables
  • Assigning and interpreting scores
  • Review of published research
  • Four Appendixes
  • Resources for practitioners

Spiral bound notebook comes with a handy, clear plastic pouch to hold your ACLS and LACLS tools.

By Claudia Allen (MA, OTR, FAOTA), Sarah Austin (MS, OTR/L), Sandra David (OTR/L), Catherine Earhart (OTR/L), Deane McCraith (MS, OTR/L) and Linda Riska-Williams (MA, OTR/L).

Healthcare professionals hold a heavy responsibility to take care of a patient’s best interest. Gaining the most information and using it effectively can truly change lives.


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