Allen Cognitive Disposable LACLS 4-pack


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Allen Cognitive Disposable LACLS 4-pack:

Some environments with strict infection protocol can rest assured that these disposable Allen Cognitive tests will be just as effective as the long lasting leather tests. These tests are meant to be disposable. This is also a cheaper alternative when you aren’t sure if you will use it enough for the leather tests. Four sets of the large size version of the Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS) test, also referred to as the leather lacing tool test. Used to quickly measures global cognitive processing capacities, learning potential, and performance abilities. The large size has been designed and is ideal for those individuals with vision or hand function problems. As such, needles are not included with this set nor are they required to administer the test.

Included in each package:

4 disposable chipboard forms.
4 pre-cut shoelace lengths.
4 pieces of 60" lacing to be cut in half for use with each tool.
set up instructions unique to the tool.
contact information to participate in a feedback survey.

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