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Commander Echo Digital Static Force Gauge Starter Kit

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Commander Echo Static Force Gauge Starter Kit for Sale

Digital force / strength testing system compatible with current protocols for FCEs, NIOSH Standards, Job Evals, and Ergonomic Studies

Digital Static Force Gauge For Strength Testing Protocols

The Commander Echo Digital Static Force Testing System features several modules including a Wireless Static Force Gauge. Combined with the Commander Echo Console, it can quickly and accurately capture a different muscle testing data related to job performance and ability.

This digital force gauge from JTECH can be used to measure functional strength in a number of ways. Its main purpose is to accurately quantify strength based on established industry specific protocols. 

The JTECH Echo Static Force Starter Kit Includes: 

  • 1 Wireless Static Force Gauge*

  • 1 Commander Echo Wireless Console

  • 6 Different Attachments

  • Top of the line load cell technology 

  • And industry leading ergonomic design

*Each module of the Commander Echo System can be purchased individually, but they all require the Commander Console to operate.

The Echo Static Strength system can perform lifting, pushing, or pulling strength tests. These tests help demonstrate a subject’s ability to resist force for a given muscle or muscle group. The Commander Echo Console captures and stores data to make your test move smoother and reduce errors.

JTECH’s Commander Echo Static Force Starter Kit makes functional capacity evaluations and strength tests less complicated. Users spend less time running tests, saving you and your patients time and money.

The Static Force Gauge Module for the Commander Echo System comes with: 6 attachments, 500lb lift capacity, and more.


Static Force Gauge and Echo Commander Console SystemYou can use the portable wireless Digital Static Force Gauge for static lifting and strength ability testing purposes. Some Examples include: post-offers, fit-for-duty, return-to-work and functional capacity evaluations(FCE).

JTech's Wireless Static Force Dynamometer is an indispensable tool for occupational therapists, physical therapists, physiological researchers, and other medical professionals who performs Job Analyses, Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs), Ergonomic Studies, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Lift Tests and other physiological evaluations.

This static force gauge communicates wirelessly with the Commander Echo Console (sold separately) to provide a testing environment that is robust and convenient. The one console can support up to 7 devices.

Features of the Commander Echo Wireless Digital SFG:

  • Displays maximum force, coefficient of Variation (CV), and test averages

  • Console stores 20 tests with up to 8 repetitions

  • Test protocols can be customized according to number of tests, starting force, units (Newtons, Kilograms or Pounds), and number of repetitions

  • Identify patterns of weakness

  • Helps determine consistency of effort in workers compensation and FCE exams

  • Document performance, establish baselines and monitor progress

  • Use in a variety of evaluations including post-offers and FCEs

  • Compatible with NIOSH lifts

  • Six (6) different accessories for unlimited testing possibilities

  • Maximum force rated to 500 lb. for strong performers

  • 1 lb resolution for accurate testing of weak performers

  • Precision technology achieves greater than 99% force accuracy

  • Compatible with normative data published in the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides

*See below for specifics like NIOSH, HSC, and other strength testing applications.

Simplifies Static Strength Testing Protocols

The simple to use interface guides users through strength testing protocols quickly and accurately. Quickly capture static strength testing data and gain insight a patient’s overall wellbeing. The JTECH Echo Static Force Gauge SFG was designed specifically for testing functional abilities in rehab, sports medicine, employer services and many other markets. With 6 different attachments, the Echo Static Force Gauge is the optimal tool for any professional performing FCE exams.

Accurate and Reliable Force Evaluation

Digital static force testing devices are a valuable tool when accuracy and repeatability are required. This electronic static force gauge achieves greater than 99% accuracy. The JTECH Echo SFG enables employers, legal professionals, and researchers objective muscle strength readings for a number of purposes. 

It’s well documented reliability and accuracy make it the perfect static force testing system for professionals. It’s recommended for any of the following uses, including: job fit testing, medical research, even documentation of key legal or medical evidence.

If you’re looking for a professional, portable, highly accurate digital strength testing solution that doesn’t require a computer for data collection, this is it.

Records Static Force Readings with Echo Console 

Each Static Force Testing Starter Kit is equipped with the Commander Echo Wireless Console and one Echo Digital Static Force Gauge(and attachments). With it, users can perform strength testing protocols and wirelessly record data from up to 7 devices.

That means, you can use one console with up to 7 modules within the Commander Echo System. Use multiple static force modules, or add an mmt, goniometer, inclinometer, etc. See article below for our Guide to the JTECH Commander Echo System.

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Built in Protocols, Automatic Data Recording, and Voice Prompts

The voice prompts help guide users through each of the preprogrammed protocols. As you perform each test, data will automatically record and capture test data in real time.

The Commander Echo Console helps organizations gather effective data, create reports and leverage technology to reduce injuries and optimize healing.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs), Ergonomic Studies, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Lift Tests

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Includes Static Strength Testing Attachments

JTECH created their Echo Static Force Gauge to measure lifting, pushing, or pulling max force.You can use the portable wireless Digital Static Force Gauge for static lifting and strength ability testing purposes. Some Examples include: post-offers, fit-for-duty, return-to-work and functional capacity evaluations(FCE).

The Echo Static Force Gauge is designed to be an accurate and reliable option for numerous strength testing protocols. The SFG Starter Kit includes 6 attachments, each with unique strength testing applications.

Commonly used during FCE exams required before hiring for certain labor intensive jobs. It can also be used to quantify a subject’s ability to resist force for a given muscle or muscle group. Making it a valuable tool to gather, verify and evaluate medical data. Particularly useful during various insurance, legal, and labor compliance related strength evaluations.

Included in Starter Kit: 6 Different Attachments (+ hook and cable)

Static Force Gauge Accessories (from left to right): T-Bar Handle, D-Handle, Hook with Stud, 4" Push Disk, Curved Pad, Flat Pad, Threaded Pad Adapter, 12" Cable

  • T-Bar - mount on side for pushing and pulling

  • D-Handle - for custom lifting and in-line testing

  • Hook with Stud - for attaching cables, hooks, ropes, etc.

  • 4” Push Disk - for exerting force against flat items

  • Curved Pad - for push force measurements

  • Flat Pad - for push force measurements

  • Threaded Pad Adapter - for using pads

  • 12” Cable - Can be used for different lifting, pushing or pulling, or static strength tests

*Protective Case (not pictured) - for portability and storage of gauge and accessories.

JTECH Testing Systems Featuring Static Strength:

  • Active Care Rehab - Everything needed in Strength and ROM Testing

  • Industrial Medicine - Functional Strength Testing and Job Analyses 

  • Med-Legal - for objective documentation of key medical evidence

  • Pain Management - Objectively quantifies pain for patients with acute or chronic pain

Applications of Echo Static Force Testing Starter Kit

Perform push, pull, or lifting exams for Job Analyses. JTECH Commander Echo Static Force Testing System is NIOSH compatible.

Compatible with Current Static Lifting Protocols

JTECH designed the Echo Force Gauge System to be compatible with current static lifting protocols for:JTECH Medical designed their Digital Static Force Testing system to be compatible with all major static lifting protocols and requirements.

  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

  • Horizontal Strength Change (HSC)

  • And other static push / pull and single-handed lift test

With its versatile capabilities, this static strength testing system is a great option for standard strength evaluations and research purposes. The Commander Echo Static Strength System is powerful, efficient, and convenient tool for:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)

  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Lift Tests

  • Research and Ergonomic Studies

  • And more...

Perform Push, Pull, and Lifting Tests Faster and More Accurately

These particular tests are generally performed to prevent work related injuries and ensure medical and legal compliance. Each evaluation is specific to individual occupational demands. This is why the versatile Commander Echo System is the industry leader for performing the following evaluations:

Static Pushing and Static Pulling Tests Push strength tests can can easily be performed with the Echo SFG and push handle attachment

Push / Pull tests are commonly used to evaluate muscle strength within industrial and physical therapy / healthcare settings. Using the included attachments, users can perform a number of job related push / pull strength evaluations. Employers can confidently evaluate and hire employees with required physical strength. Researchers and investigators can gather field related muscle strength data.

Static Lifting and Strength Tests

Dynamic static lifting and strength tests are the easiest and least time consuming way to qualify workers for jobs. Using the dynamic strength test as a predictor for lifting capacity reduces employee turnover and potential for work related injuries / legal issues. 

Static lifting and strength testing protocols are a critical “catch-all” for protecting professionals and employers. JTECH’s portable strength test tools provide the ability to quickly perform a vast array of strength tests, including: 

  • NIOSH related static push, pull and lift tests 

  • Horizontal Strength Change Tests

The evaluations are critical for determining a person’s ability to perform necessary job requirements. The JTECH Static Force Gauge will save you time, money and limit liability with proven accuracy.

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Automatically Calculate NIOSH Population-Based Strength Percentiles

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is an organization focused on keeping employees and employers safe at work. They achieve this through extensive research and publication of recommended industry related best practices. 

What's great about the Commander Echo System, is it automatically calculates NIOSH population-based strength percentiles. That way, you know you’re following industry best practices while getting the job done fast and accurately. 

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Horizontal Strength Change (HSC) EvaluationJTECH's wireless static force gauge is a great tool for HSC or Horizontal Strength Change Evaluations

Using the NIOSH Lifting Equation, HSC evaluations track variations in user’s strength throughout full lifting motion. 

Using these exams, employers can guarantee that potential employees will be strong enough for the job.

HSC tests indicate if strength change is appropriate or inappropriate to validate effort on NIOSH lifting tests.

Additional Commander Echo Force Gauge Accessories:

  • Optional Lift Platform 

  • Data Collection Software: Echo Downloader, Northstar, and ...

  • Upgrade to “MAX” version of Static force Gauge to Measure Up to 750 LBS

  • Optional Accessories Including: Large T-Bar 

Software Compatible with Commander Echo SFG Starter Kit

JTECH is well known for industry leading functional capacity evaluation equipment and software. There are several different software packages for your consideration. Each features similar muscle testing protocols 

Functional Capacity Evaluation Equipment and Software for Sale. Includes Echo Downloader and Northstar Software for Commander Echo SFG and SFG Max (Digital Static Force Gauge)

Compatible Software Packages:

*Software is an optional add on, request quote here for best pricing on strength testing packages from JETCH

Optional Mobile Lift PlatformThis NIOSH compatible lifting platform for Commander Echo Static Force Gauge Muscle Testing System.

Their Echo Wireless Strength Testing Device and Static Lifting Platform is the most compact, light-weight, and portable lift platform for field testing at work sites and other locations.

Lift Platform Details:
  • Weighs just under  20Lbs and 500 LB Lift Capacity

  • Available with optional split rail that separates into 2 pieces

  • Includes adjustable strap for height adjustment

  • Features integrated grid pattern for positioning

  • Grid pattern for fast, accurate foot placement

  • Compatible with NIOSH protocols

That means you can easily transport the system with a laptop and perform job site analysis tests, like:

  • Post-offer strength tests 

  • functional capacity evaluations

  • and other job site & work-related evaluations 

This Mobile Lifting System is a compact, well-designed static lifting system that is great for FCEs, Jobsite analysis and Preplacement Screens. The handle can be moved up and away from the body for the NIOSH Arm, High-Far and High-Near Lifts and for Job Simulation testing.

Optional MAX Static Force Gauge Tests up to 750LB

Designed for greater capacity (750 lb). Max force sensor helps quantify functional abilities concerning static strength in a variety of applications.  Echo Force Gauge captures strength data while user performs a variety of static strength tests. 

The MAX Static Force Gauge is designed to handle more lift capacity than the standard model. 750 lb capacity vs 500 lb for standard version.